When Perry is told that Sylvia Oxman has been gambling in Gardena, Perry mentions that gambling is legal there. This is true; Gardena was issued the first legal card club license in the State of California, in 1936. Casinos provide the principal employment in Gardena to this day. Submitted by Fifty Niner on 2/23/2011.

Manning testifies that any patrons parking in the club's lot must leave their car keys inside their car. Was this ever a rule at an actual gambling joint? Submitted by vgy7ujm on 7 May 2020

Note that this episode takes place in the future. The check Paul writes as Frank Oxman is dated June 1, 1959, but the original air date was May 9, 1959. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 11 June 2012.

How did the police almost immediately determine the fatal bullet came from Sylvia’s gun with neither the gun nor time to test it? DOD 07/31/19

Perry is a good calculator. According to Mr. Duncan, The Clover Club charges between $0.50 and $2.00 per half-hour per chair, there are 35 tables, and they are open for 19 hours a day. There were 7 people playing at the table including Paul and Perry. Assuming an average take of $2.50 per hour per table and that the Clover Club was fully booked all day long, they took in $2.50 x 35 x 19 x 7 = $11,637.50 per day. Perry's "conservative" estimate of $10,000 is very close. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 11 June 2012.

Visible equipment: Boom mike shadow appears as Robert rises from the couch at about 1540 on DVD. submitted by scarter, 8/10/14

Ten episodes back (TCOT Fraudulent Foto) there was some question about where the murder took place (in LA county, but what city ??) Here there is no doubt: it's in another city which had it's own Police Dept at the time. So what is Tragg doing there ?? Were they contracting out the investigatory duties...was he moonlighting...any ideas ?? Submitted by Notcom 092915

In this episode we learn that Mason and Tragg enjoy a friendly game of poker from time to time. Submitted by CCullinC 8/23/18
+ IMHO Perry is speaking figuratively about "playing poker" with Tragg jfh 09Jan2023

Leo Gordon (as Charles Duncan here) looks a bit like Clark Gable, even affecting similar mannerisms. jfh 09Jan2023

Tragg has a great line in this episode. When Perry states that the suspect's brother and husband can provide an alibi for her, Tragg replies that he has half a dozen witnesses who can refute her alibi, none of whom are related to Burger. Submitted by vgy7ujm 10/15/20