About three minutes in and again 8 minutes in there is some classic product placement of a very cool American Flyers train set. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 6 January 2011.

In the early restaurant scene, Martin Selkirk sees Claire and Dick together and says, "My plan isn't working." I wonder what his plan was. jfh 19Mar2024

A child was permitted to sleep with a real handgun under his pillow? Thank goodness nothing tragic happened to David Brady (David Selkirk), who was probably the only actor to wiggle his ears in closeup on PM. Submitted by MikeM, 11/06/2012

+ I must add that now, Paul going to the day camp and asking about David Selkirk comes across as odd to me; I don't know how audiences viewed the scene on first airing, but these days, any adult coming to a facility and asking about a child had better have some type of authentic credentials to show. Submitted by MikeReese, 12/16/2020

Although I'm sure the printing press was a necessary plot device in this episode, Dirk Benedict's declaration that the printing on the envelopes doesn't look like it was done on a typewriter is, of course, nonsense, because that's exactly what it looks like. Submitted by francis, 7/21/14.

I believe the point about it not looking like it was typed refers to the lack of impression on the paper which happens with a typewriter. A handpress can make the same shape letters without the telltale impression caused by the keys striking the paper. Submitted by KGarrett, 1/6/2016

An object lesson in bad parenting. Not just letting a child think a gun is a toy, but leaving that child alone, sleeping outside, while you drive to the airport! And just who ends up with custody of David? In front of dozens of witnesses, Martin Selkirk breaks Dirk Benedict's jaw while wearing brass knuckles. Uh, felonious assault charge, anyone? The establishing shot of the Jennings house looks like it was taken from the movie “ The Heiress”. The set for Martin Selkirk’s house was seen just two episodes ago in “Petulant Partner” and the gate of Horace Selkirk’s estate was the scene of the car accident three episodes ago in “Calendar Girls”. DOD 07/18/18

Maybe it’s just my perception, but I think Perry looks great in this episode. I’ve always felt he looks particularly good in dark suits, and when he sweeps back the curtain to reveal the body of Martin Selkirk, he cuts a formidable and impressive figure. Submitted by Dan K, 7/8/16.

The wrap-up segment is priceless as Della greets Paul with "Hello, Beautiful!" Then Paul offers to assist Della with babysitting, just like a couple of teenagers. Cute stuff. jfh 07Jul2017.

Perry has always had a habit of providing cryptic references to his plans that leave Della and Paul in the dark. Usually the comment is done in a humorous way. But in this episode, he really did a number on Della. After the babysitter left, Perry simply said to Della that he was going to the International Airport. No other details. But this really placed Della in a strange position. The reason someone usually goes to an airport is either to pick someone up, drop someone off or to fly somewhere. Obviously, Perry had no one to pick up or drop off. So, was he planning to fly somewhere? Maybe to Mexico to look for David? As it turned out, he was simply looking for information and got lucky that the gate agent who worked the flight that morning was still there at night. But if he had been planning to fly out somewhere, it would have been nice if he had given his secretary a few more details. Submitted by Paul's Operative. 1/16/24.