Although uncredited, this episode is based, in part, on the 1953 Perry Mason short story "The Case of the Irate Witness". Submitted by Bill-W2XOY on 07/30/2013.

Disappointing Draft: This episode was written by some of our usual writers, and dates back to what many of us think of as the superior early years of Perry Mason, but in my view the story is remarkably weak. And as others mention below, poorly acted. We don't even get much Della. Oh well, they can't all be TCOT Singing Skirt. I gave up on this one early and played the guitar instead. JohnK, 17 September 2021.
+ This episode has an IMDB rating of 8.5. TCOT Singing Skirt is rated 8.2. I like them both. Kilo 10/27/2022.

Perry, who we've seen fishing in a few episodes, went to "The Angler's Capitol [sic] Of The Sierras" to hunt. Submitted by H. Mason 10/27/14
Good thing Perry packed a suit and tie for a weekend fishing trip. Submitted by Otto Gervaert, 9/17/21.

A Burger without the Ham, Please! Terry Becker's ludicrously over-the-top performance as Prosecutor Everett Ransome makes him eligible for the third season's Robert H. Harris Award for Hammiest Guest Actor. On a positive note, we should be grateful to Becker for making us appreciate how good William Talman was as Hamilton Burger. Submitted by BobH, 15 October 2016.
+ Terry Becker should just keep his other job as Chief Sharkey in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. ;-) Submitted by none other than HamBurger 7/4/2018

I kept trying to figure out who he resembled, then it hit me - he looks just like one of those marionettes from "Thunderbirds Are Go!". DOD 08/07/18 + Yes, if he'd had a pair of big lensed glasses, he'd have looked like 'Brains'! MikeReese, 1/13/2021.

+ Definitely could pass as one of those "real enough to be alive" cast members. Hilarious. dped, 10/24/23

In his questioning of Mrs Thurston, I was shocked to hear Perry use the grammatically incorrect "comprised of". Anne Rutherford is, of course, remembered best as Scarlett O'Hara's sister Carreen in "Gone With the Wind". She also appeared in several of the Andy Hardy movies. Oddly, the gun is never introduced as evidence, nor, apparently, was a residue test done on Phil Beecher's hands. DOD 08/07/18

This episode is remarkable, I think, in that attitude of the villagers seems to run 180° to the claim made in recent years that Vehicular Homicide, specifically DUI Vehicular Homicide, is - or was - "socially acceptable" (if anything, they seem eager to overassign blame, though the incident is never gone into in much detail). Then again one could argue that the village is supposed to be an anomaly, or that sentiments are different when the victim is well known. Notcom, 111617.

When Tepper went out back and brushed the snow off the logs, the snow really behaved with the consistency of sand. --yelocab 27DEC18
+ Yes. Though all the snow in the location scenes shot outdoors is real, the scene with the logs and the safe was done in a sound stage, necessitating a "stand-in" for snow. OLEF641 1/16/21