The priceless moment in the show is when Hamilton Burger mutters under his breath (but not so quietly that we can't hear it!) in response to Dennis Patrick's 'Prosecutor's' objections, "Shut up, you fool!" (From memory, not verbatim) And Dennis Patrick? I almost expected HIM to be found guilty! Submitted by MikeReese, 9 September 2012.
+ Actually Burger says, "Oh sit down be quiet". Submitted by HamBurger, 7/27/2014

That was a priceless moment, but another priceless moment was when Ruta Lee walked in to tell lies to Perry and Della in her skating outfit! She looks like a million bucks (actually $50,000!) in her short skirt and tight top! She puts the "figure" in "figure skating!" I imagine her outfit is a nice shade of peach. And when she testifies the first time, she keeps her mink coat on like it's freezing in the courtroom. Submitted by DyNama, 10/8/2014

Immediately after Pike shoots himself at close range in the leg, we see no hole or powder burns. DOD 08/26/19
+ No, but in the next scene, where he's hobbling back to the car, there is a small "bloodstain" on his pants leg. OLEF641 12/21/21

Perry quips to Burger, "I'll defend him ... even if he did save your life." jfh 13Aug2018

Malibu or Malibou: It's interesting to note that when describing the community, it is spelled "Malibu" however when talking about the lake it is spelled "Malibou". Submitted by by HamBurger July 27, 2014, at 10:57 AM
+ MaliBOU Lake and MaliBOU Dam are located in MaliBU Creek State Park. Wikipedia suggests that MaliBOU is an Anglicized version of MaliBU...MikeM. 7/26/2016
++ Actually, neither is. Both are private property. And, interestingly enough, Malibu Creek ends (begins?) at the dam; upstream of that point the valley is called Triunfo Canyon. I used to be a docent at MCSP, which is where I learned about this. Another interesting fact about the lake: it is so full of sediment that it is only about five feet deep in most places! OLEF641 12/21/21

My Apologies to the Crew for being so PICKY! (Trivia, lic plates & Registrations) The apparent connections and anomalies on Car Registrations, Licence Plates, cheques, newspapers, envelopes & other props in the series might be due to deliberate prankishness by the Production Crew but perhaps some anomalies just resulted from the pressure of the Production Schedule. They probably weren't concerned that pesky People from the Future would give their work such close scrutiny aided by slo-mo and stop-action Home Video Players. I realise that it's not fair to them for me to do that. However, the rich detail that they put into every episode is a major part of the attraction of the Series for me and I simply can't resist looking at it! Submitted by Gary Woloski, 27 June 2012.
+It is appreciated, Gary. I look forward to reading the nits you and the others pick after each episode. Thanks for your efforts. Submitted by Vladimir-Estragon-of-the-Future, 24 Nov 2049.

Courtroom confession: This episode has IMHO the best/funniest confession outburst (I won't say who!). "I killed Leonard...I killed the BIG GAS BAG"!!! LOL! I play it back several times each time I see it! Submitted by mesave31, 10/21/14 The "big gas bag" that quoted a line from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". Joe B. 04/28/2022

+Not only is it a funny confession, it's just about the least-provoked confessional outburst ever! Ed Zoerner, 12/31/23.

Dennis Patrick makes his second of four appearances on PM to play the prosecutor in this episode but with pointed nose and smiling sneer he always comes across and often plays the bad guy. He was especially devious in TCOT Golfer's Gambit later. Submitted by Perry Baby 5/2/15
+ There's no truth to the rumor that, through force of habit, Dennis Patrick's character was bumped off at the end of the episode. Submitted by BobH, 15 October 2016. Dabbs Greer has a similar angry outburst in several of his eight PM appearances.Joe B. 04/28/2022