It is rather amusing how offended Burger seems at the idea of the cabin being used as a “love nest.” His reaction, a whispered “Really!” is almost Victorian. Submitted by gracep 9/30/2010.

This episode aired a few weeks before William Talman was arrested at the so-called "nude pot party" at an apartment in West Hollywood. Talman was quoted as saying, "What can I say? This is going to ruin me." PM producer Gail Patrick Jackson was quoted as saying, " I don't think it will help his career any, if the report is true." Submitted by MikeM, 1/10/2013.

Hamilton says they found the fire "already lighted". Isn't the correct term "already lit"? HamBurger 7/29/2016
+ Probably both are correct but lit is preferred. Submitted by Kilo 5/18/2018.
>> And, as noted (above), even if Hamilton wasn't an expert on being "already lit", William Talman was... Ca-ching!! by Notcom 051818.

I know that book covers back in the 50's and 60's weren't as stylish as they are today. But I still have to say, that's the ugliest book cover I have ever seen! Submitted by Paul's Operative. 2/17/2024.!! Mythical Monkies with Mauvis Meade: was PM angling to have Campbell's soup become a sponsor ?? Queried by Notcom, 112517.

Perry, or rather Raymond Burr sounds a bit hoarse in the throat, like his in the throes of a cold of flu. He still sounds hoarse in at least one scene of the following episode. [unsigned]
+ Raymond Burr certainly does seem to have a bad cold and a stuffed up nose in this episode. I wonder if having to shoot around him being sick is what led to the uncharacteristic number of continuity errors, especially in the Perry / Mauvis scene, which seems to consist of two quite different takes or set-ups badly grafted together. Submitted by catyron, February 4th, 2021.

In the scene with Gladys in Perry's office, Perry gives Tragg somewhat detailed directions to the cabin over the phone. Tragg must have a good memory because he doesn't write them down. Later in the scene, Paul enters the office. Perry tells Paul to have one of his operatives check on the cabin, but he doesn't give Paul any of the details on how to find it. [unsigned]

When Perry is in the parking lot talking to the attendant the shadow of the boom mic can be seen on the ground. Kilo 5/5/2021.

Perry hands Gilman a subpoena when he confronts him in the parking lot. Where did this subpoena come from? Perry must carry blank subpoenas with him just in case. Kilo 5/5/2021.

Question: Who do you think made the Monkey scarf? What do you think happened to it? As a new PM fan, I'm fascinated by the idea of the special props taking a starring role. PMSisters 11/23/2021

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

How Many Murders?: In how many episodes was Joan Banks not only the wife but also the murderer? This episode, and "Negligent Nymph" for sure. Does anyone remember who the murderer was in the other 3 episodes? Is there a page, either on this blog or elsewhere, where the names of the murderers are listed? Submitted by cspoleta, 11/25/17.