This episode is one of the least creative and interesting of the series, but well-acted and, as with all the shows, worth the time to view. cgraul 6.4.12
+ I disagree. The mystery of how somebody could get into the locked safe without being photographed made this a very interesting story. This type of story could have been an episode of Banacek. Submitted by H. Mason 10/29/14

Howdunnit This will be the first of two consecutive episodes where explaining a seemingly impossible situation - George Peppard style - will form a key component of the plot. Tacked on by Notcom, 111216.

Is there anyone in this household who doesn’t know the combination to the safe? Near the beginning of the secretary’s testimony, the judge glances at Perry as if expecting an objection. Were the safe and painting not dusted for fingerprints? Jarret’s office has two file drawers labeled ‘C-D’. DOD 09/04/19

Opening Scene Camera Anomalies:Notice the magic camera in the opening scene. The picture shows Adam Thompson wearing different clothes than he was wearing in the scene. - BobwloCB
+ Also note that when that infrared camera's photo is being developed, the picture appears to be one you would get in a studio shoot while sitting in a chair (similar to a high school yearbook picture) instead of the back or side of his head opening the safe. - Submitted by HamBurger, 8/9/2014

One of many episodes named for Blood Relatives: a "Nebulous" Nephew will appear in #182; the "Sleepwalker's Niece" was in Episode 2. Mike Bedard 7.28.16 //

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode!

Anomaly: How could the secretary have managed to keep the map? Three men and one woman were watching her very carefully while she put the map into the safe and locked it! See for yourself at 3:10 ff. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 15 September 2012.
+ It's called "sleight of hand." Added by H. Mason 10/29/14
++ On replay, sleight of hand seems impossible. All four people turn and watch her, but the camera cuts to the closing of the safe door, and as far as i am concerned, it's a directorial cheat. Submitted by catyron 11/27/17
+++ I agree. If she had been wearing a long sleeved dress, perhaps, but her dress is sleeveless to the shoulders. I also wonder how she wrestled Jarrett into the car by herself. DOD 09/04/19
++++I also agree. There was no need to actually show the moment that she apparently put the map into the safe. There was clearly no way she could have secreted it. They should have finessed that scene. Submitted by Wick 2/6/2022