There seems to be something weird going on with time. At one point, Cassie says, "it's almost 5:00". Right after, she gets fired for leaving early and her boss says that there's still half an hour left until closing. Assuming she gets off at 5:00, it's 4:30 at the latest, possibly earlier if she works past closing.In the next scene, Amy makes a call from a pay phone and says that it's 45 minutes until 6:00, meaning it is 5:15. Are we supposed to believe it took her 45 minutes, at minimum, to find a pay phone? Submitted by Apofisu 03/10/23
> In small- and perhaps unexpected - ways the movies are becoming products of their time with regard to technology, just like the original series: nowadays it might take 45 hours to find a payphone !! Notcom, 031023.