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TVMovie #11: The Case of the
Musical Murder
Original Airdate: 4/9/89

Summary Edit

The director of a musical is called out of bed one night and is shot to death in the dark. When the murder weapon is found, it incriminates a former stagehand. Perry, as an eyewitness, believes the accused is innocent. (How did the gun come into his possession?) Perry takes the case to try to prove his client's innocence.

Credits Edit


Perry Mason

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Barbara Hale as Della Street

Also Starring
Alexandra Paul as Amy Hastings, Ken's girlfriend
and William R. Moses as Ken Malansky

Special Guest Stars
Debbie Reynolds as Amanda Cody
Jerry Orbach as Blaine Counter, producer
and Dwight Schultz as Tony Franken, director

Guest Stars
Luis Avalos as Judge Robert Morano
Mary Cadorette Leslie Singer, Mel's wife
Alexa Hamilton as Kate Ferrar
Valerie Mahaffey as D.A. Barbara August
James McEachin as Lt Ed Brock
Jim Metzler as Johnny Whitcomb, stage manager
Lori Petty as Cassie, Parker's girlfriend
Henry G. Sanders as Harry
Raymond Singer as James Walton, writter
Philip Sterling as Mel Singer, composer

Music by Dick DeBenedictis
(Original Perry Mason Theme by Fred Steiner)

Editors … David Solomon & Carter DeHaven IV
Art Director … Paul Staheli
Director of Photography … Arch Bryant
Executive Supervising Producer … Joel Steiger
Supervising Producer … Robert Hamilton
Produced by Peter Katz
Written by George Eckstein
Based upon characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner
Directed by Christian I. Nyby, II


Executive Producers … Dean Hargrove & Fred Silverman
Co-Producer … David Solomon

Rick Aiello as Parker Newton, security guard
Wendelin Harston as Nurse

Ron Headlee as Father Rooney
Bea Hurwitz as Vera Pitts
Kirk Nyby as Judge Douglas Daniels
Doug Stevenson as Walter Pitts
Sheila Ivy Traister as Owner
Richard Van Vleet as Attorney

Uncredited Actor
Antonino Garcia Tony as Stage Crew Technician

Casting by Reuben Cannon & Associates & Carol Dudley, C.S.A.
Unit Production Manager … Billy Ray Smith
1st Assitant Director … Gary Grillo
2nd Assitant Director … Gail Fortmuller
Costume Designer … Ronn Rynhart
Men's Costumer … Kelly A. King
Women's Costumer … Sharon T. Brunn
Make-Up … Dee Sandella & Patti Dallas
Hair Stylists … Judee Guilmette & Roseann Bigelow
Ms Reynolds Hairstyles by Sydney Guilaroff
Production Sound Mixer … James Emerson
Gaffer … Brad Lipson
Key Grip … Jerry Jencks
1st Camera Assitant … Douglas O'Kane
Script Supervisor … Jeff Glasser
Production Accountant … Debbie Nodella
Production Coordinator … Andrea Korkut
Set Decorator … Charlie Helms
Property Master … Jeff Petersen
Construction Coordinator … Randy Holland
Stunt Coordinator … Gary Jensen
Transportation Coordinator … Gil Talamantes
Location Manager … Karen Beard
Production Consultant … Robert Benevides RB Productions
Choreography by Doug Rogers
Asst Choreographer … Sandra Johnson
Legal Advisor … Dennis Smith
Main Title Design … Wayne Fitzgerald
Production Executive … Donna Colabella
Post-Production Supervisor … Hal Harrison
Assistant Editor … Leslie Sackheim
Post-Production Coordinator … David Rosenberg
Music Supervision … C. R. Cassey
Sound Effects … Horta Editorial
Supervising Sound Editor … Sam Horta
Re-Recording by Universal Studios
Re-Recording Sound Mixers … Rick Alexander & Joel Fein & James Bolt
Music Editorial … Do Re Me Music
Music Editor … Ted Roberts
© Copyright MCMLXXXIX Viacom Productions, Inc

Executive In Charge of Production … Mike Moder

Trivia Edit

Christian I. Nyby, II is the director here and his son Kirkland Royal Nyby (credited as Kirk Nyby) plays a bit part as Judge Douglas Daniels during the proceedings where Ken Malansky, on his own, is the defense attorney. Kirkland had a small number of TV acting roles while he was attending Law School.

Comments Edit

There seems to be something weird going on with time. At one point, Cassie says, "it's almost 5:00". Right after, she gets fired for leaving early and her boss says that there's still half an hour left until closing. Assuming she gets off at 5:00, it's 4:30 at the latest, possibly earlier if she works past closing.In the next scene, Amy makes a call from a pay phone and says that it's 45 minutes until 6:00, meaning it is 5:15. Are we supposed to believe it took her 45 minutes, at minimum, to find a pay phone? Submitted by Apofisu 03/10/23
> In small- and perhaps unexpected - ways the movies are becoming products of their time with regard to technology, just like the original series: nowadays it might take 45 hours to find a payphone !! Notcom, 031023.

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