Starring Raymond Burr
in Erle Stanly Gardner’s The Case of THE CANDY QUEEN
based on The Case of The Silent Partner
Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman


Directed by Jesse Hibbs
Teleplay by Orville H. Hampton and Robb White
Arthur Marks \ Art Seid | Producers
Gail Patrick Jackson | Executive Producer
Ernest Frankel | Story Consultant
Orville H. Hampton | Associate Story Consultant
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Barbara Hale as Della Street
William Hopper as Paul Drake
William Talman as Hamilton Burger
Richard Anderson as Lt. Steve Drumm
Dan Tobin as Terrence Clay

Music Composed and Conducted by Richard Shores


Nancy Gates as Claire Armstrong
Patricia Smith as Wanda Buren
Nina Shipman as Carol Olin
Robert Rockwell as Ed Purvis
H. M. Wynant as Tony Earl
John Napier as Mark Chester
John Archer as Harry Arnold
Kenneth MacDonald as Judge
Kitty Kelly as Landlady
Walter Mathews as Intern
William Boyett as Detective
Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice
Sam Flint as Old Man
Charles Stroud as Court Clerk
Russ Whiteman as Steward
Bebe Kelly as Hat Check Girl

Uncredited Actors
Don Anderson as Plainclothesman
Arthur Tovey as Courtroom Spectator


Director of Photography … John M. Nickolaus, Jr.
Art Direction … Lewis Creber
Assistant Director … Gordon A. Webb
Film Editor … Richard H. Cahoon, A.C.E.
Casting … Harvey Clermont
Makeup … Irving Pringle
Hair Stylist … Annabell
Wardrobe Supervision … Bob Wolfe, Evelyn Carruth
Set Decoration … Carl Biddiscombe
Properties … Ray Thompson
Production Sound Mixer … Herman Lewis
Script Supervision … Hazel W. Hall
Theme Composed by … Fred Steiner

Perry Mason
Produced by the CBS Television Network in association with Paisano Productions

production number 0836