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TVMovie #3: The Case of the
Shooting Star
Original Airdate: 11/07/86

Summary Edit

As a publicity stunt, a film actor plans a fake shooting of his friend, a TV talk show host, during the live broadcast of his show with an audience of 40 million viewers. Rather than blanks, the weapon turns out to be loaded with live rounds and the victim dies. Perry agrees to defend the shooter.

Credits Edit


Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Barbara Hale as Della Street
William Katt as Paul Drake, Jr.

Guest Stars
Joe Penny as Robert McCay
Ron Glass as Eric Brenner
Alan Thicke as Steve Carr
Ivan Dixon as Judge
Wendy Crewson as Michelle Benti
and David Ogden Stiers as (D.A.) Michael Reston

Special Guest Star Jennifer O'Neil as Alison Carr

Music by Dick DeBenedictis
(Original Perry Mason Theme by Fred Steiner)

Director of Photography … Hector Figueroa
Art Director … Charles Dunlop
Editor … David Solomon
Supervising Producer … Joel Steiger
Produced by Barry Steinberg
Teleplay by Anne C. Collins
Story by Dean Hargrove & Joel Steiger
Based upon characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner
Directed by Ron Satlof


Executive Producers … Fred Silverman & Dean Hargrove
Associate Producer … Jeff Peters

Also Starring
Ross Petty as Peter Towne
Mary Kane as Kate Huntley
Lisa Howard as Sharon Loring
J. Kenneth Campbell as Ray Anderson
Lee Wilkof as Mr. Freeman

Bryan Genesse as Dak Foster
John Evans
Cec Linder
Ken James as Page
Michael (Micheal) Donaghue
Mag Ruffman

Casting by Reuben Cannon & Associates C.S.A. & Carol Dudley
Production Manager … Michael MacDonald
1st Assitant Director … Jim Nasella
2nd Assitant Director … Howard Rothschild
Costume Design … Ronn Rynhart
Make-Up … Irene Kent
Hair Stylist … David Beecroft
Set Decorator … Carol Lavoie
Property Master … Paul Harding
Wardrobe … Erla Lank
Production Sound Mixer … Richard Lightstone
Gaffers … Elisha Harris & Rae Thurston
Key Grip … Wayne Goodchild
Camera Operator … Andy Chmura
Stunt Coordinator … Bob Bralver
Script Supervisor … Susanna David
Production Accountant … Lacia Kornylo
Production Coordinator … Shelley Boylen
3rd Assitant Director … Andrew Shea
Location Manager … Michael Brownstone
Transportation Coordinator … Norm Henderson
Main Title Design … Wayne Fitzgerald
Titles … Howard A. Anderson Co.
Assistant Editor … Carter DeHaven IV
Canada Casting … Armstrong.Clydesdale, C.D.C
Legal Advisor … Dennis Smith
Production Executive … Donna Colabella
Post-Production Supervisor … Brad Blake
Sound Effects … Penguine Editorial
Re-Recording by Compact Sound Services
Re-Recording Mixers … Ken S. Polk, C.A.S. & John B Asman, C.A.S. & Niel Brody, C.A.S.
Music Supervisor … Ted Roberts
Music Editor … Stan Jones
Lenses and Panaflex® Cameras by Panavision®
© Copyright MCMLXXXVI Viacom Productions, Inc

Executive In Charge of Production … Mike Moder

Trivia Edit

With this appearance, Ivan Dixon would become the latest threepeater, having played different characters in episodes Episodes 152 and 182 of the Series. A fairly prominent actor in the early 60's - he was. perhaps, to the small screen what Sidney Poitier was to the big - he was the perfect choice when PM finally made the big jump: a black judge... who talked. Notcom 052322.

In the other direction, David Ogden Stiers would return in the same part as the prosecutor but in another city, somehow replicating Paul Fix's role as an itinerant D.A....only in a different state !! (It might not have seemed so bizarre but for the dialogue actually making a point of it being the same person: What were they thinking ?? were they thinking at all ??) Notcom 052322.

Comments Edit

Ironically, while the plot centers on the perils of substituting live ammunition for blanks, the movie itself demonstrates the danger of doing the opposite: substituting blanks for the real thing: there's absolutely nothing in the way of supsense, surprise or drama here...the court scenes in particular were listless - Perry at one point doesn't even rise from his chair to question a witness - with the inevitable (and usually frantic) confession actually whispered !! UGH. Notcom 052322

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