With this appearance, Ivan Dixon would become the latest threepeater, having played different characters in episodes Episodes 152 and 182 of the Series. A fairly prominent actor in the early 60's - he was. perhaps, to the small screen what Sidney Poitier was to the big - he was the perfect choice when PM finally made the big jump: a black judge... who talked. Notcom 052322.

In the other direction, David Ogden Stiers would return in the same part as the prosecutor but in another city, somehow replicating Paul Fix's role as an itinerant D.A....only in a different state !! (It might not have seemed so bizarre but for the dialogue actually making a point of it being the same person: What were they thinking ?? were they thinking at all ??) Notcom 052322.

The cast of this is noteworthy for 15 of the 21 credited cast members' being connected classic science fiction movies, series, or franchises:
Raymond Burr played reporter Steve Martin in the new scenes that were added to the original 'Godzilla' film for its American release as 'Godzilla, King of the Monsters!' and again in scenes added to 'The Return of Godzilla' for its international release as 'Godzilla 1985'.
Barbara Hale starred in the cult classic 'The Giant Spider Invasion' as well as having appeared in 1 episode of 'The Greatest American Hero' and '2 episodes of Science Fiction Theatre'.
William Katt starred in 'The Greatest American Hero' as Ralph Hinkley, a teacher who became a superhero thanks to a suit he received from aliens. He also appeared in an episode of 'Andromeda' and the brilliant film 'The Man from Earth' and its sequel.
Joe Penny appeared in 1 episode each of 'Threshold' and the 1985 revival of 'The Twilight Zone'.
Ron Glass played Shepherd Book in the series 'Firefly' and its spinoff film 'Serenity'. He also appeared in single episodes of 'Star Trek: Voyager' and the 1985 revival of the 'Twilight Zone'.
Alan Thicke co-starred in the three 'Not Quite Human' tv movies and appeared in an episode of the 1997 revival of 'The Outer Limits'.
Ivan Dixon appeared in 3 episodes of the original run of 'The Outer Limits' and 2 of the original run of 'The Twilight Zone'. Of particular note is the season 1 episode of 'The Twilight Zone' 'The Big Tall Wish', which is considered groundbreaking for being one of the first television programs with an all-African-American cast. He also directed 1 episode of 'The Bionic Woman', an episode of the original 'Quantum Leap', and 6 episodes of 'The Greatest American Hero'.
Wendy Crawford appeared as Ma'am in the film 'Bicentennial Man'.
David Ogden Stiers' first credited role on IMDB is the voice of Announcer in George Lucas' classic student film 'THX 1138'. He also appeared in 3 episodes of 'Stargate: Atlantis', 1 episode of the 1995 revival of 'The Outer Limits', 2 episodes of 'ALF', and the classic 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' episode 'Half A Life'.
Jennifer O'Neill played Kim Obrist in the cult classic 'Scanners'.
Ross Petty voiced Ape in 30 episodes of the arguably sci-fi X-Men: The Animated Series.
Lisa Howard costarred in the series 'Earth: Final Conflict' and appeared in 1 episode the 'Robocop' tv series.
J. Kenneth Campbell appeared in the sci-fi parody film 'Mars Attacks!'.
John Evans appeared in 1 episode 'Warehouse 13' and 6 episodes of 'Earth: Final Conflict'.
Cec Linder appeared in an episode of 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. He also appeared in CBC Television's first in-house drama, "Space Command', which co-starred future 'Star Trek' legend James Doohan and also featured an appearance by Doohan's future costar 'William Shatner'.
Finally, Michael Donaghue appeared in 2 episodes of the 'Robocop' tv series. Submitted by Apofisu 3/8/2023