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TVMovie #8: The Case of the
Avenging Ace
Original Airdate: 2/28/88

Summary Edit

Air Force Lt. Col. Kevin Parks was convicted for the murder of a woman with whom he was alleged to be having an affair. When his conviction was brought to the Court of Appeals, Perry Mason was the Associate Justice there. The appeal was not successful and Parks went to prison.

Eighteen months later a new witness comes forward and a second appeal is filed. By this time Mason has left the bench and he is retained as Counsel for the second appeal. The new witness is murdered and Parks is the one charged with the crime.

Credits Edit


Perry Mason

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason
Barbara Hale as Della Street
William Katt as Paul Drake, Jr.

Guest Stars
Erin Gray as Captain Terry O'Malley
Larry Wilcox as Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Parks1
Charles Siebert as Jason Sloan2
James Sutorius as Attorney Mark Egan
Arthur Taxier as Ellis Milbourne3
James McEachin as Police Sergeant Clifford Brock
Don Galloway as General Hobart
Richard Sanders as Chester Lackberry
Gary Hershberger as Lieutenant Wilkins4
and David Ogden Stiers as (D.A.) Michael Reston
special guest star Patty Duke as Althea Sloan

Music by Dick DeBenedictis
(Original Perry Mason Theme by Fred Steiner)

Editor … David Solomon
Art Director … Paul Staheli
Director of Photography … Arch Bryant
Produced by Peter Katz
Supervising Producer … Joel Steiger
Executive Supervising Producer … Philip Saltzman
Written by Lee David Zlotoff
Based upon characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner
Directed by Christian I. Nyby, II


Executive Producers … Dean Hargrove & Fred Silverman
Associate Producer … David Solomon
Executive Consultant … Franklin Thompson

James McIntire as Daryl Herley5
Joel Colodner as Lester Mc Carren6
Pam Ward as Judge Eleanor Daniels
Tony Higgins as Lieutenant Grahm

Regina Krueger as Shannon Parks
Dotty Coloroso as Amy Beth Sawyer7
Michael X. Martin as Captain Petersen
Caitlin O'Connell as Denise Mc Carren
Sue Hoffman as Laundress
Tupper Cullum as Deputy #1
Wendelin Harston as Jury Foreman
Burt Goodman as Judge Hoffman

Uncredited Actors
Antonino Garcia Tony as Henchmen

Casting by Reuben Cannon & Associates C.S.A. & Carol Dudley
Unit Production Manager … Billy Ray Smith
1st Assitant Director … Gary Grillo
2nd Assitant Director … Gail Fortmuller
Costume Designer by Ronn Rynhart
Women's Costumer by Judith Scheurwater
Men's Costumer by Kelly King
Make-Up … Dee Sandella & Patti Dallas
Hair Stylists … Judee Guilmette & Brenda Moen
Construction Coordinator … Randy Holland
Special Effects Coordinator … Paul Staples
Transportation Coordinator … Robert Benjamin
Set Decorator … Charlie Helms
Property Masters … MacDonald-Petersen
Production Sound Mixer … James Emerson
Gaffer … Brad Lipson
Key Grip … Fred Vicarel
2nd Unit Director of Photography … Dan McKinny
1st Camera Assitant … Douglas O'Kane
Production Consultant … Robert Benevides & RB Productions
Production Auditor … Norman Webster
Script Supervisor … Jeff Glasser
Production Coordinator … Andrea Korkut
Location Manager … Karen Beard
Production Executive … Donna Colabella
Post-Production Supervisor … Hal Harrison
Assistant Editor … Leslie Sackheim
Main Title Design … Wayne Fitzgerald
Legal Advisor … Dennis Smith
Sound Effects … Horta Editorial
Supervising Sound Editor … Sam Horta
Re-Recording by Lorimar Studios
Re-Recording Sound Mixers … Gregory H. Watkins & Neil Brody C.A.S. & Ray O'Reilly C.A.S
Music Supervision … Do Re Me Music
Music Editor … Stan Jones
© Copyright MCMLXXXVIII Viacom Productions, Inc

Thanks to The United States Air Force and the Colorado Air National Guard

Executive In Charge of Production … Mike Moder

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

(1) as the first decedent's secret lover as alleged by witness (2)
(2) and as the first decedent's employer & secret admirer
(3) as Althea Sloan's brother, Ellis Milbourne & Frank Johnson
(4) and as the first decedent's secret lover
(5) as the first decedent's boyfriend
(6) as the witness & second decedent
(7) as the first decedent

Trivia Edit

James McEachim returns as Lt. Brock . As noted he had played an entirely different character in the previous installment; thus the movies "managed" something that the series avoided (despite hundred of guest appearances over the years): having an actor move from a recurring role to a one-time role and then back into the recurring role again. Notcom, 062722.

Comments Edit

By this point, viewers have probably given up any hope of a semblance of continuity even within the same show: we learn - or maybe it's relearn (the "Perry Mason Returns" Movie hasn't aired recently and my memory of it has faded over the years) - that he was, apparently, a judge in Colorado - which is consistent with the settings, if not the opening credits - and yet he seems to live somewhere else...since every movie ends with him and Della having to "catch a flight." Whatever. If anyone wants to criticize these 80's-90's productions for slopiness or a lack of clear thinking, this geographic roulette - why not just film it in Denver and claim it's L.A. ?? - is a perfect place to start. Notcom, 062722.

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