From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Perry goes back to “the old soda fountain” he frequented as a second home during his college days. He looks up old buddy Herbert Simms and learns that Herb aspires to become a TV scriptwriter. Herb’s mom wants him to take over the family pharmacy, but Herbert has already submitted his first teleplay to producer Charlie Corby — who jokes he'd rather hire Rod Serling.

It’s a shot in the dark for Herbert Simms, especially when Corby tries to use the play as his own. The scheme doesn’t last long -- someone fatally clubs Corby with a whiskey bottle after a party. Herbert is seen running from the scene of the crime, and is arrested for Corby’s murder. With Perry’s help this won't be Herbert’s last scene. Watch for Ivan Dixon, the actor who played Kinchloe in Hogan’s Heroes and went on to be a TV director, in this episode.