From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
[ October 4, 1962 [155] "The Case of the Capricious Corpse" Director--Arthur Marks Teleplay--Jonathan Latimer

When Carleton Gage lapses into a coma, two of his beneficiaries threaten to close the orphanage he supported.

Carleton's wife and sister-in-law plan to keep the orphanage open but their good intentions are complicated by Carleton's murder.

Olive Omstead--Lori March Joane Proctor--Jan Shepard (defendant) Judge--Willis Bouchey Ernest Demming--John Morley (victim)] Summary reinserted. jfh 18Dec2023

This summary is wrong. Carleton Gage was not murdered, Ernest Demming was. Also, Carleton Gage had no wife or sister-in-law. Claudia and Joane were his nieces, I think.