From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
The rowdy Southern California docksides provide the backdrop for this episode. When Dickie Durham shows up in L.A. after having spent the last nineteen years roaming the high seas, he turns the town upside down—until someone kills him. Perry is called in to defend Dickie’s longtime shipmate “Lord Harry” Fothergill for the murder. But Harry not only wouldn’t kill for money, when he is cleared of the murder charge, he pleads that he doesn’t want the problems and burdens his $250,000 inheritance would bring.

Does he seem like one of a kind? Paula Durham (Barbara Parkins of Peyton Place) is also in Dickie’s will. She and Harry argue over who should get the money—they each want the other one to take it all. Funnyman Harvey Korman (of The Carol Burnett Show) appears as a dockside bar owner.