From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
This is one of the few Perry Mason episodes that doesn’t involve a murder trial per se. Perry is on vacation in Placer Hill, but any hopes of relaxing are quickly ended when he becomes involved in a local scandal.

A local teacher is the target of a whispering campaign. Her supposed romantic antics with some of her young male students cause quite a stir among the locals.

Perry takes up her cause and gets her a public hearing. But when a local innkeeper is killed, the situation takes a more ominous turn and all eyes are on the teacher.

The scene is not a courtroom, but a board meeting in a high school gym. The testimony revolves around the death of a student some months before. Perry’s client is involved because she took an interest in the boy before his death.

Edgar Buchanan, Uncle Joe of Petticoat Junction fame, is featured as the homespun judge.