From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Brad Shelby jilts Jennifer Wakely to marry the older, richer, and wiser Madelon Haines. Jennifer feels even more alone when her dad dies and her Uncle Emmett breaks the news that she is penniless—a shock to her since she has always lived in comfort.

The only possession the girl has left is her racehorse, Tiger Lil. Brad Shelby manages to crush that little ray of sunshine for Jennifer when he works a deal with Uncle Emmett to buy the filly. He pays far more for the horse than it’s worth, so maybe he was doing Jennifer a favor after he jilted her. No matter, Jennifer doesn’t see it as a kindness and when Shelby is murdered, the police arrest her for the crime. Watch for the late Jim Davis, Jock in Dallas, in this episode.