From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Peter (The Big Valley) Breck plays William Sherwood, an ex-boozehound struggling to stay on the wagon. He loses the battle one night when he sees not a pink elephant, but Ruth, his dead wife, walking with another man.

Later, Sherwood gets a spooky call from Ruth and agrees to meet her. When she doesn’t appear, Sherwood gets nervous and thirsty and is soon bombed. Outside the bar, he finds his wife in a car, and this time she’s really dead. He calls Perry for help, but the lawyer and Paul cannot find body or car. When the corpse turns up in her apartment and Sherwood’s fingerprints are all over her car, he’s the natural suspect.

Correction: Don Davis reports: “According to the actual epsiode, which I have just viewed, the corpse actually turns up at the bottom of a 130-foot ravine in a car rented by Vince Kabat. However, the defendant, William Sherwood, has indeed left bloody fingerprints all over the car, so that much is correct.”