From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Alice Trilling’s deceased father left behind a strange will. His successful toy company would be left to her—but with a catch: She must be married, or close to it, within a year’s time. Until then, her wheelchair-bound Uncle Harry and a board of executors would be in charge.

Trouble is, Alice is ugly as sin, and she's the first one to say so. An artist begins some preliminary wooing, but Alice is unimpressed until she sees a portrait he’s painted of her. Suddenly, Alice is happy. But love is fleeting. It seems that Uncle Harry is playing matchmaker behind the scenes for reasons of his own. Now a woman scorned, Alice confronts her uncle and pushes his wheelchair, toppling it. She quickly flees the scene, but when Harry is found dead, Alice is arrested. This is a tough one for Perry, because even Alice thinks she’s guilty.