From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Can lightning strike twice? It seems that way to Louise Selff when she stands trial for the murder of her husband, not once, but twice.

Perry gets Louise acquitted of the murder of her husband Jamison because his body was never found. After the trial, Louise is tormented by weird happenings and visions of Jameson. He appears at a séance and she even talks to him on the telephone.

The suspicious part of the affair is that the “ghost” wants Louise to invest money in a new laser process that Jamison had taken an option on. Finally, Jamison Selff does reappear; he has been alive all the time. He is truly murdered the second time around, and poor Louise hires Perry for round two.

Suggested Correction to Summary In the opening scene, Perry's client is not tried and acquitted of her husband's murder, she is simply not bound over for trial after the preliminary hearing. jfh 16Mar2017.