This is the only PM appearance of actor Robert Easton, who was also a renowned dialect coach, and was referred to in Hollywood as The Man of A Thousand Voices, working with countless actors on perfecting accents. Easton displayed his talent for dialects on his many Tonight Show appearances. Coincidentally, he co-wrote and appeared in the 1975 cult classic bad movie The Giant Spider Invasion, starring Barbara Hale, and PM alumna Steve Brodie, and Alan Hale (Jr), although Robert and Barbara shared no scenes together. This movie was lampooned mercilessly on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Submitted by Chief Kurtz, 17 January 2022.
+ Additionally, 'The Giant Spider Invasion' also featured, Leslie Parrish and Bill Williams, which makes it six former PM actors, quite a high count. Submitted by Tragg, 9th August 2022

Recognize the hats worn by Mrs. Stallman? You should. They were also in #204, TCOT Woeful Widower. The rickrack number is also seen in #256, TCOT Bogus Buccaneers. Submitted by Karrin Kain, 2/14/05.

It appears that the portrait of Jamison Selff seen in this episode also appears in #227, TCOT Thermal Thief, as Dion. From Tom Stillman via the Perry_Mason Yahoo! group, posted by daveb, 11/14/09.
+ And both were yachtsmen! OLEF641 9/11/21

Anomaly: Are Barney Biro and Frank Biro the same actor? One of the judges in this episode is credited (for the first time) as Frank Biro, who will also portray a judge in one subsequent episode. He looks exactly like Barney Biro who portrayed a judge in five previous episodes. IMDb shows listings for both names, but strangely enough, Barney Biro's filmography covers the years 1953-64, while Frank Biro's runs 1965-1990. Barney Biro's birth/death dates are given as 1914-1993. Frank Biro's dates are not given. I suspect these are alternate names for the same actor, and only one IMDb listing should have been created. Submitted by alan_sings, 12/30/2011.

I noticed that as well when this episode played on MeTV yesterday and had exactly the same feelings. While this may be two men who are brothers, I suspect you are correct. Over the years other actors have appeared with slightly differing names. Barry Atwater has also been billed as G. B. Atwater. And Willis Bouchey who also appeared as a judge was billed as both Willis Bouchey and Willis B. Bouchey, and when appearing on The Andy Griffith Show he was always billed as C. Willis Bouchey. Submitted by PerryDixon 2/4/14

Update - IMDb has now corrected this. Both links above now link to the same page, for Frank Biro (I) (1914–1993) and gives "Alternate Names: Barnet Biro | Barney Biro" in the Personal Details section. His birth name was Barnet Wolf Biro. OLEF641 9/11/21
>>Barnet Biro ?!?! Perhaps we need to begin a Pitkin Watch for the right column of the credits as well !! Notcom 091321.

Gene Lyons would appear as Commissioner Dennis Randall on Raymond Burr's next series Ironside from the pilot movie in 1967 until his death in 1974. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/16/12.
+ Gene also appeared in 3 "FBI"s & a Star Trek: "A Taste of Armageddon," as Federation Ambassador Fox [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 2.18.15.

+ Jeanne Bal makes the last of her four appearances on Perry Mason. Perry Baby 11/17/13

+ Jeanne Bal would also appear in Star Trek as McCoy's old flame Nancy Crater, in The Man Trap (1966) Submitted by Tragg, 9th August 2022.

Incorrect Summary: The Summary incorrectly says that Louise Selff was tried twice. The court proceding we see at the beginning of the episode is a preliminary hearing, not a trial. The judge dismissed the charge because of insufficient evidence. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 2/18/2014.
+ The 5th Amendment states: "Nor shall any person be subject for the Same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb ["Double Jeopardy" Clause]." Mike Bedard 2.18.15.
++ This is not a double jeopardy case. Dismissal of charges at a preliminary hearing does not preclude the DA from filing charges later. PerryFan Steve 3/24/20
+++ IMHO, and I'm not in any way associated with the legal profession, but since Jamison Selff was murdered twice, it wouldn't be the same offense. You can be tried for murder more than once, just not for the same murder again if the prosecution didn't like the first verdict. It would be like throwing a rock through a shop window, getting convicted -- or acquitted -- for the offence, then chucking another rock through the same window. Of course the whole point is moot, since there was no first trial (or murder, for that matter). OLEF641 9/11/21

This is the second of two PM appearances for Marion Moses (Louise Selff), whose second marriage was to a congressman who was a friend of John Wayne. A son from her first marriage, William R. Moses, played Ken Malansky on the Perry Mason television movies...MikeM. 3/16/2017

Libel case for Perry. The headline in the newspaper thrown in the trash after Louise Selff's preliminary hearing where the case is thrown out is "SELFF HEARING TODAY". The caption under Louise Selff's photograph is "HUSBAND SLAYER". Submitted by Kilo 1/25/2018.

This is the first of two PM writing credits for Henry Farrell, who is best known for his novel "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"...MikeM. 3/22/2018

TCOT Substitute Coffee Set: The West Bend Thermo Serv plastic carafe and mugs have migrated to the judge's chamber and he serves Perry and Hamilton. Submitted by catyron, July 25th, 2018

The Staircase: the old workhorse staircase set is back, along with its attendant foyer and drawing room. Submitted by catyron, July 25th, 2018

This is the final of seven PM appearances for Douglas Dick (Ted Harberson), whose work as a model and stage actor in NYC led to roles in movies and on television. Douglas Dick left acting in 1971, earned a Psychology PhD., and started a psychotherapy practice. He married his second wife in 1963, and outlived her by fourteen years. Douglas Dick passed in 2015 at the age of 95...MikeM. 7/26/2018

Inflation - The $300,000 payment for the 50/50 interest in the Arcott Laboratories experimental process would be just over $2.6 million in 2021 money. OLEF641 9/11/21