From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Tryon Laboratories hires the Drake Detective Agency to protect their latest formulas. In spite of Paul’s best efforts, there is a leak in security and some top-secret information is stolen.

One night, Horace Lehigh, an undercover agent working for Dr. Scranton, the head of the company, calls from the lab to say he knows the identity of the spy. Both Scranton and Paul rush to the lab and find Lehigh dead, floating in a vat of water.
+Does whoever writes these summaries actually watch the show? About half the time they are completely inaccurate. In this case, Scranton and Paul do not rush to the lab and find Lehigh dead. Scranton calls Paul and Perry and they arrive sometime later. This is a key element in the plot. Perhaps it is not important that these summaries have much to do with the actual show, but it does seem odd that they are so often wide of the mark. Submitted by Wick 6/18/2022.