From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
What more can happen to an innocent art dealer and his girlfriend? Francis Clune’s treasures are replaced with fakes before they even reach the gallery. His girlfriend Bobbi Dane has been kidnapped twice and run down by a car. Now Francis and Bobbi are arrested for a cop killing and the death of a hijacker.

They need Perry and Paul to fight back. Paul goes undercover to work the hijacking ring and gets himself arrested, and Perry almost gets shot confronting a killer no one would suspect. The familiar story is based on one of Gardner’s novels that was featured early in the Mason series.

Note: The Summary states that Bobbi was kidnapped twice. She was the victim of an attempted kidnapping twice. OLEF641 9/25/21
Note 2: The Summary also states the second death is of a hijacker; it's actually of the hijackee. (Honestly! "Someone gets killed, the wrong person is arrested, and a bunch of stuff happens" might be a more useful synopsis that what the PMTVSB usually least a more accurate one.) Notcom 102523.