From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
The horse-racing footage is excellent and the music unusually upbeat in this episode about dirty doings at a racetrack.

When racehorse Bright Magic loses a fixed race, jockey Tic Barton gets his walking papers. A little man with big problems, Tic confronts bigshot Johnny Starr and they fight over whether the horse was doped. Johnny knocks Tic down and throws him out—but not his gun. Two shots later, Starr is dead. The police have an eyewitness who saw Tic leave the apartment, and the little guy is arrested for murder.

To complicate matters, Tic’s tall, shapely wife was having an affair with Starr. This sounds like a job only Perry can handle.

Billy Pearson, a real-life jockey, quiz-show winner, and art connoisseur, made his acting debut in this episode.