From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Frankie Laine, the singer of TV theme songs (“Rawhide”), made his acting debut in this story. He plays Danny Ross, a funny man with an unfunny problem. His agent, Charlie Goff, double-crossed him, and told the network that the comedian wasn’t right for a big project that Danny had developed. Danny is mad and goes to Perry for help, accompanied by long-time friend Freddie Green. But since Danny had only an oral agreement with Goff, Perry has a tough job ahead of him. It becomes even tougher when Goff is found murdered.

The evidence points toward Danny’s friend Freddie Green. Perry agrees to defend Green, but must get into jive and beatnik lingo to understand the clues that lead him to a bohemian club called the Purple Wall, and to the killer. Continuing with the musical theme of the plot, jazz musician and bandleader Bobby Troup also appears in this episode.