From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Peter Baxter had a plan to test the loyalty of his heirs. First he would pretend to change his will, cutting all of them out and leaving the estate to his caretaker, James Hing. Then Hing was to burn down Baxter’s house and Baxter would substitute a medical cadaver for his own body. If anyone contested the will, he or she would really be disinherited. Hing does as his employer planned, but the body found in the ashes is really that of Peter Baxter. Tragg and Burger don’t believe Hing’s wild story, but Perry does. It’s just too fantastic to be a lie. That means one of the heirs overheard Baxter planning, and really did kill him. The question is: Which one?

Raymond Bailey (Mr. Drysdale of The Beverly Hillbillies) plays John Hilliard in this show. Also, science fiction movie fans will recognize actor John Agar playing Kenneth Baxter.