The passenger liner seen in the opening scenes is the S.S. Mariposa. Read more about her here at Great Ships. Submitted by Steve Fox, 11/23/2004.

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson appears two or perhaps three times among the extras on the dock as the Mariposa arrives. As Phil Andrews (Jeremy Slate) goes up the gangway, Anderson, wearing a dark hat, and a short, dark-haired woman companion pass behind him. As he talks to purser Evans (Arthur Franz) on deck, Anderson, now hatless, and the woman start down the gangway. It’s difficult to be sure, but when Garth (Henry Beckman) stands at the rail watching Andrews leave and moves to follow, Anderson and another extra pass behind him going in the opposite direction. Submitted by FredK, 28 Nov 2010.
+ Regarding the first sighting of Anderson, the woman is wearing the same dress, but discerning Anderson himself seems dodgy. Maybe if we had some stills? Submitted by gracep, 12/15/2010.

Sightings: The Little Old Lady in a Hat sits right next to Evans in the courtroom gallery (although later she magically moves to a different seat). A woman, probably Distinguished Lady #1, is hiding behind Garth, too. Read more about the recurring spectators on the “Who Is That?” page. Submitted by gracep, 12/15/2010.

Character Names: We learn that Mrs. Ionescu’s first name is Fedori and that Farraday’s valet’s full name is Sidney L. Garth, and we even learn that his mother’s name is Clara, but we never learn Evans’ full name. Submitted by gracep, 12/15/2010.

Once again, Ray Collins receives credit for Lt. Tragg but does not actually appear in the episode, but luckily we have Wesley Lau playing Lt. Anderson. Submitted by gracep, 1/7/2010.

CARS. (1) Philip Andrews's white 1961 Mercury Commuter 4-door station wagon with "FARRADAY LINE" & "CAR No 5" on door.

Background Cars. (a) medium-color 1960 Ford Country Sedan 4-door station wagon parked inside the steamship terminal building.

Added by Gary Woloski, 2/2/13.

Social Security Number: The number (548-05-4960) on the Sidney L. Garth employment card was used in episode 70 for Grace Norwood. Submitted by H. Mason 11/22/14

This is the third of three PM writing credits for Adrian Gendot. It's also the last writing credit showing on his IMDb page. IMDb says his television writing career began in 1952 with thirty episodes of "Dangerous Assignment" ..MikeM. 10/13/2016

This is the second of five PM appearances for Allison Hayes, who was Miss District of Columbia in the 1949 Miss America pageant...MikeM. 1/19/2017

+Allison Hayes is arguably best known for her starring role in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Submitted by Kenmore 8/29/2020

In the scene where Jay Novello is searching the coins on the desk in the owner’s cabin take a close look at the ID bracelet he is wearing. On a large screen TV you can clearly read Novello on it. It appears to have his full name but due to the angle “Jay” was not easily discernible...Added by KRunner 1/5/19