In one scene, Cecil the bartender (Jesse White) is just telling the punchline to a joke: “So, he says, ‘If it would a happened one minute sooner, I’d have had a fractured skull.’” This evidently was an in-joke of the writer’s because this is the punchline of a vulgar joke known variously as “Lucky Louie” or “Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.” Submitted by Henry McNulty, 6/5/2003. [Jokes morph all of the time and searches on those names may not easily find this one so, as a public service, here is a similar joke.]
+ We don't get a good look, but I believe one of the barflies listening to that joke -- and who we hear laugh -- is Distinguished Gentleman #1. JohnK, 18 January 2016

Another epsisode in which Lt. Tragg is credited but does not appear. Submitted by gracep, 12/23/2010.

The tune sung before Irene’s picture is “Goodnight, Irene,” which was a folk song that many popular artists had covered by the time show aired, and probably most grown-up viewers in the 1960s would have recognized it. Submitted by gracenote, 7/20/2011.
+"Goodnight, Irene" (also known as "Irene, Goodnight") was first recorded by Huddie 'Lead Belly' Ledbetter in 1933. He learned it from his uncles and it was apparently based on a waltz tempo song of the same name written by Gussie Lord Davis in 1886. Lead Belly's version refers to both suicide by drowning and suicide by self-poisoning, by the way, and is a pretty grim song. Submitted by catyron, 3/31/2018.

Ann Rutherford had an extraordinarily long career and is best known as Careen O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind". Though not quite in the top tier of stars, she was one of the sharpest contract negotiators and a savvy investor who ended up far wealthier than many of her 'A' list contemporaries. DODay 10/30/17

+ Ann Rutherford is probably best known as the character Polly Benedict, who was the primary (but not exclusive) romantic interest of Mickey Rooney's character in the "Andy Hardy" series. JohnK, 22 December 2012

Much of the music in this episode was composed by Bernard Herrmann for The Twilight Zone pilot "Where Is Everybody?" (broadcast 10/2/59). All of the music in the teaser from when Chase removes the rifle to the end (except the aforementioned "Goodnight Irene"), as Len examines the key impression, as the bartender talks to Irene, as Len returns home, as Chase calls Ellen, as Perry arrives at Chase's office, as Len burns something in the store, as Len leaves Tony and arrives at Tony's place and as Tony opens the door to the dead body. The complete 11:20 track can be found on Varese Sarabande LP The Twilight Zone Original Television Scores Volume Two (STV81178) and The Best of The Twilight Zone Original Television Scores Volume I CD (VCD47233). Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/25/12.
+ I think this music is appropriate because this whole episode has a dark, depressing air to it. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 10/22/2013.

William Schallert appeared on the popular Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles." John Harmon appeared on Star Trek twice, one of the episodes the well-known and award-winning "City on the Edge of Forever." Jon Lormer may have the distinction of playing three different characters who died on Star Trek including on the original pilot starring Jeffrey Hunter as Capt. Pike. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/25/12.
+ Viewers will remember William Schallert as "Patty Duke's" dad on The Patty Duke Show. - Submitted by HamBurger 09/26/2014

This is the first of two Perry appearances for Jeff Donnell, who also starred with Raymond Burr in "The Blue Gardenia" in 1954. jfh 18Mar2019

Paul Richards had an unusual career for a person born in 1924: Although he appeared in about 100 different TV series, he only had roles in a handful of films. cgraul 8.22.12

Just ONE CAST CAR. In this episode Perry gets a replacement for his old '61 Sunliner (last seen in Ep#133). At 27:04 Perry & Paul arrive at Tony Benson's place in:

Only the area around the driver's side window is seen. Watch as Perry hits the curb at about 5 mph; the car takes a hop and the upper edge of the body side chrome trim strip momentarily comes into view below the door handle. Compare/match the door handle, trim, etc with the '60-'62 Galaxies here. You'll get a full look at this car in Ep#149.
      The only background car is the one Perry parks beside. It's a '60-'62 medium color 2dr Euro-Import, sunroof closed, otherwise unidentified. Added by Gary Woloski, 3/28/13.

When Ted went to his apartment with the stolen rifle he put it down with a package on top of it. After he got his coat and returned the second box was out of frame but obviously not on top of the flower box. Submitted by H. Mason 12/2/14

This is the second of eight PM writing credits for Robb White, who was born in the Philippines, the offspring of Episcopal missionaries...MIkeM. 10/24/2016

This is the only PM appearance for Mari Blanchard, who overcame childhood polio, but succumbed to cancer in 1970...MikeM. 1/30/2017

The radio seen on the shelf in the sporting goods store is the Jewel model 910 AM clock radio circa 1950. This prop is also seen in episode 60, TCOT Lost Last Act. Submitted by Kilo 9/27/2017.