Big time movie star Walter Pidgeon makes his only Perry appearance here filling in for the ailing Raymond Burr. Walter Pidgeon was twice nominated for an Academy Award in 1943 and 1944. Each time he played the husband of Greer Garson who was also nominated each year. Mr. Pidgeon lost out in 1943 to Jimmy Cagney and in 1944 to Paul Lukas. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 9 September 2009.
+ The first nomination was for Mrs. Miniver (1942) and the second for Madame Curie (1943). OLEF641 5/25/21

A most interesting connection (for adult eyes only!!) between Walter Pidgeon and Raymond Burr appears here. Submitted by Bob61571, 26 March 2018.
+ Thanks for the link. It's an interesting article. Submitted by catyron, 05/05/18

Once again, Lt. Tragg (Ray Collins) does not appear despite his listing in the credits. Submitted by g, 1/28/2011.

Kentucky-born James Best is best known, of course, as the befuddled sheriff Roscoe P. Coltraine on the 1970s series The Dukes of Hazzard. A coal-miner’s son, he often played bumpkins on TV and movies, and he owns his own production company now. Submitted by g, 1/28/2011.

He got to show off his guitar playing skills on several episodes of “Andy Griffith”. His role here as a sophisticated businessman is certainly an outlier, but he carries it off very well. DOD 01/26/22

Linden Chiles appeared in 5 FBI, 4 PM & 2 Ironside episodes [IMDb] Mike Bedard 2.9.15.

Sightings: Pencil Mustache Man enters the courtroom and after looking around for a bit, watches Hollis and her attorney confer before the hearing. While Burger is interrogating a witness, however, we see that the Man has moved a few seats over. Rudolph Salinger, known here as Distinguished Gentleman #1, sits on the back row on the defense side, and we can just discern Quiet Old Man #1 blurred in the back row on the other side. More on the “Who Is That?” page. Submitted by g, 1/28/2011. We also have a couple of glimpses of Miss Carmody. Submitted by Clothears 10th June 2020.

Uncredited Actors: Sgt. Brice (Lee Miller) stands silently by in the hallway while Lt. Anderson confronts the grieving niece (and her attorney) in her parlor. Bert Stevens plays a courtroom spectator who walks in before the hearing. A special treat is Ralph Brooks sharing the table with Hamilton Burger during the trial. Submitted by gracenote, 7/26/2011.

Just ONE CAR. "Cabbie" appears three times with his yellow 1962 Checker Series A9 Taxicab number 3045, Licence Number X92 069 (1956-pattern yellow-plate). It could alternately be a 1963 Series A11. This car appears to be a genuine working taxi from the Real World:

  • "X92 069" is the correct format for a commercial plate issued to a real taxi (one letter followed by five numerals). Contrast with the plate on "tv & movie taxi" Car(1) in the preceding ep#171.
  • Looking to the center of the dash at 13:30 & 16:29, you'll see that the Checker actually has a fare-meter: the striped flag is up.

More on CHECKER and this car in the "Comments" section. Added by Gary Woloski, 9/4/13.

For the sixth time Della was on the witness stand. (see episodes 8,30,63,160,162). She would be called to testify one more time in episode 187 TCOT Reluctant Model. Submitted by H. Mason 9/25/14

Phone Call: When Della called Perry she dialed nine numbers. Did she have to get an outside line? Submitted by H. Mason 1/19/15

Shooting Pool: When Mr. Hatfield was at the pool table talking to Hollis look at the numbers on the balls. At least two of the balls he hit into a pocket were back on the table. Submitted by H. Mason 1/19/15

This is the first of two PM appearances for Joyce Bulifant, who played Murray's wife on The Mary Tyler Moore Show...MikeM. 11/28/2016

This is the final of four PM appearances for Andrea King, who was reportedly born in Paris in 1919 to an American mother...MikeM. 3/6/2017

This is the only PM appearance for "Janitress" Jean Harvey. Just two months after this episode aired, Jean Harvey's husband unexpectedly died. Jean Harvey apparently never worked in film or television again. She passed away in 1966 at the age of 66...MikeM. 3/26/2018