Uncredited Actors: During the opening scene, a demonstrative, flower-carrying Roger Brody runs into an annoyed Don Anderson in the airport terminal. He also plays a courtroom spectator sitting directly behind the widow Nellie, and he reappears in the final scene in a café in Paris! Robert Wegner is a bailiff in the courtroom. Submitted by gracenote, 4/5/2011.
+ If I’ve correctly ID’d Don Anderson in the final café scene, then he’s the gent with the well-tanned face wearing the suit & tie and seated facing the camera at the table in the near-background toward the right of the screen. This final scene is the second of two Paris café scenes with exactly the same table arrangements and far-background Paris street. That is, it’s the same café and the centre of the camera’s attention is the same table in both scenes! The first scene is the one in which Paul interrogates Marie’s former Private Detective, Monsieur Arnaux. Don Anderson is seated in exactly the same chair at the same table wearing the same clothes in both scenes! At least three other cast extras also do double-duty in the two scenes, although they move or are positioned differently:
*a beautiful blonde in an elegant white skirt-suit (gets considerable attention from Paul & Arnaux in the earlier scene),
*a young woman with medium-color hair dressed differently in the second scene, and
*a seated Arnaux, back to camera in final scene but recognizable by his hat and dark suit.
Production expedience or playfulness? Both, I think. Added by Gary Woloski, 1/24/12.

Location: This episode boasts several shots of Paris. About halfway through the syndication print, for example, is a rather sweeping one with the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and other sights. Submitted by gracenote, 4/5/2011.

Sightings: In the courtroom on the prosecutor’s side we find Quiet Old Man #1 and Distinguished Gentleman #1. Meanwhile, Little Old Lady #1 sits two rows behind Nellie. And as Burger stands to make an objection, we can see Pencil Mustache Man looking intently on. Please read more about these favorite frequent faces. Submitted by gracenote, 4/5/2011.
+ In the opening scene at the airport, we find the Distinguished Gentleman #1 waiting for friends at the window. Miss Carmody just returned from her trip to Europe as she gets off the plane with the other passengers. Submitted by BigBill767, 6/18/2016.
++Miss Carmody also appears in the courtroom on the aisle, sporting her darker hair color. Submitted by Miss Carmody, 19 Dec. 2023

Although credited, Ray Collins as Lt. Tragg does not appear. Submitted by gracenote, 4/6/2011.

Murder Day. In court, Perry firmly states that sunset on the day of the murder was at “a quarter to eight.” Taking that to the nearest minute as 7:45pm and the year as 1964, the day of the murder must be one of Tues 12 May, Wed 13 May or Tues 11 Aug. See these LA sunrise/sunset calendars for May and Aug 1964. DST was in effect on all those dates & is included. (Sunrise/Sunset Calculator for time & place of your choice is here). Added by Gary Woloski, Friday the 13th, January 2012.

Jimmy Meacham, Hockey Fanatic. Under cross-examination by Perry about events on the night of the murder, Jimmy blurts out “I had the television on. There was a hockey game.” Ice Hockey on LA TV in May-Aug 1964 is doubtful because the season was over:
*Game 7 of the 1963-64 NHL Stanley Cup Final had been played on 25 April 1964.
*LA did not have an NHL team until the 1967 LA Kings, but in 1964 it had the LA Blades of the minor-pro WHL. The WHL season was over before May, too (The Blades had a good 1963-64 season, making the WHL Final but were defeated by the SF Seals.).
*“World Hockey” was still non-pro (Junior). Hockey at the earlier 1964 Olympics held in Jan-Feb had doubled as both the World and Olympic championships.
*This episode aired on 22 October 1964, so perhaps Jimmy’s hockey fandom was a nod to the LA Blades 1964-65 season which was then underway, or
*Maybe Jimmy was tuned-in to a different type of hockey!
Alternately, perhaps Guy Stockwell ad-libbed the "hockey" line; there does seem to be surprise on other courtroom faces (including Burr/Mason) when Stockwell/Meacham blurts it out. Added by Gary Woloski, 1/19/12.

In the episode, Aunt Nellie and her new husband are supposed to be 12 years apart in age, at least according to Victor Billings' (Neil Hamilton) statement. However the actors Jeanette Nolan (Nellie) and Micheal Forest are over 17 years apart. Submitted by Kenmore 8/8/2012
+ I've listened to it several times and it sure sounds like Elaine is saying "...he must be at least 15 years her senior." Did she flub her line? Should have said "junior"? Kilo 9/27/2018.
++ Listening tonight, she does indeed say junior. OLEF641 7/27/21

Neil Hamilton appeared in 7 Perrys from 1958-64 before his Commissioner Gordon role in 121 Batmans: The Movie in 1966 & the series from '66-68 [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 4.10.15

Near the beginning of this episode, Victor Billings serves the Meacham family cocktails. He brings a tray into the living room with 6 drinks on it. Elaine and Todd each have a drink, and Jimmy helps himself to 2. Todd and Jimmy each drink one drink and put the empty glass back onto the tray. In a few minutes when they begin to leave the room, Victor is now shown with 3 full cocktail glasses on his tray, and no empty glasses. Victor then helps himself to a drink. Submitted by PaulDrake33. 2 January 2015.

Foreign Travels: For at least the third time Paul left the USA on a case. That doesn't include the three times he went to Mexico (episodes 98, 131 and 164). He went to France twice this time and Japan (episode 127) and Brazil (episode 185). Submitted by H. Mason 4/8/15
+ Mexico should be included in the "Foreign Travels" count.

Bad Habit: Perry Mason must be so used to having his car parked for him at the Brent Building that he habitually leaves the keys in the ignition. This story was at least the third time his car was taken (see episodes 15 and 68). Submitted by H. Mason 4/8/15
+ It was a simpler time: several episodes either show or indicate characters leaving their keys in the ignitions of their vehicles.

This was only the second time the murder victim was known to have been drowned (see episode 198). There were at least 14 murders, mostly old cases, where the murder method was never given. Submitted by H. Mason 4/8/15

Another Crooked PI: This time in France. For other shady private detectives see episodes 4, 10, 21, 23, 56, 59, 68, 71, 73, 93, 121 and 137. Submitted by H. Mason 4/8/15

This is the only PM appearance for Anne/Annie Farge, who was born in Belgium and passed away in France...MikeM. 1/27/2017
+ IMDb lists Anne Farge's name as Annie Fargue.

This is the third of four PM appearances for Dianne Foster who, like Raymond Burr, was born is Canada. Foster gave birth to her third child about a year before this episode aired. Foster may still be living in California...MikeM. 2/2/2018
+ According to IMDb, Dianne Foster died 27Jul2019, aged 90. jfh 10Jul2020

This the only PM appearance for Guy Stockwell, who was the older brother of actor Dean Stockwell...MikeM. 2/2/2018

This is the final of four PM appearances for John Larkin, who was the radio voice of Perry Mason for over eight years. Larkin passed from a heart attack a few months after this episode aired. He was 52...MikeM. 2/2/2018

This is the final of four PM appearances for prolific character actor Jacques Aubuchon, who began his acting career after serving as a French language interpreter for American forces during World War II...MikeM. 6/8/2018