Watch for some unusual camera work in this episode. The director artfully uses an ornamental screen in the High Hat Club as a picture frame in a couple of scenes. Submitted by Mitch English, 4/20/2005.

In the opening scene, when the elder Talbert says, "You know, I'm 65 years old!" Kitty replies, "No! I would've guessed a good ten years younger!"
55 was the actual age of Emile Meyer at the time!
dwhite 1.20.13
+ One thing I constantly notice on Perry Mason is how old for their age so many of the male actors look. Look at Willis Bouchey. He was age 57 when this episode was made, but to me he looks at least ten years older. I suppose it's because everybody smoked back then. (What about the female actors? I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole!) Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 1-18-2014.
++ Not just the smoking, but a "proper" male diet was of the "meat and potatoes" style, light (or nonexistent) on the vegetables, and "exercise -- what's exercise?" OLEF641 8/24/21
+++Granted, but remember, most males of age then had served, and exercise reminded them of boot camp and or battle. Happy to be alive and not eating K-rations. Hojo 4-26-22

Location: The opening scene is Union Station in Los Angeles. It remains relatively unchanged from the way it looked in this episode. Posted by Eric Cooper, August 17, 2009.
+ Although the continuity here is a little hard to swallow. Yes, there is a 3-second stock-footage view of the Waiting Room at LA Union Station (with its wonderful V. S. Pearlman light fixtures!) but the opening scene of the train pulling in outdoors is hardly downtown LA, and obviously the interiors are on the sound-stage.
dwhite 1.20.13
++ Actually, having traveled in and out of Union Station many times, I can say that the scene of the train pulling in was indeed shot on one of the platforms there. And the interior scene, as Kitty and Talbert are coming from the train, is a fairly faithful rendition of that part of the station. Another bit of local info: Kitty and Talbert are portrayed as coming down from the platform between tracks 3 and 4 -- that platform is now the Union Station stop for the local rail transit "Gold" line OLEF641 8/24/21

Uncredited Actors: In the opening scene at the railway station, Don Anderson, sporting a spiffy cardigan, hurries quickly by Gregory Morton. Later, he turns up in the courtroom gallery. Submitted by gracenote, 4/29/2011.

Sightings: Three familiar faces turn up to watch Perry at the hearing (and they are all sitting behind him): Distinguished Gentleman #1, the perpetually Quiet Old Man (#1), and the dashing Pencil Mustache Man. (The second one moves behind Kitty Delaney at some point.) Submitted by gracenote, 4/30/2011.

Location: About 10 minutes in Danny sneaks into Carl’s car. The key chain reads “1416 No. La Brea.” It’s an inside joke. That is the address of the studio that Perry was being shot at the time. It might even be where the scene was shot. It was originally Charlie Chaplin's studio, and now it’s Jim Henson studios. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 14 September 11.
+ Yes! with the wonderful statue of Kermit the Frog atop the studio gates! Submitted by dwhite 1.20.13

    This was recognizably the studio exterior; it was used on several of the episodes.  cgraul 5.11.23

Police HQ: For about the third time Lt. Anderson was shown in his office (episodes 158 and 162). Submitted by H. Mason 4/29/15

Plumbing Problem? When Perry entered his office through the private door, the water fountain seen in the hallway at least six times, starting with episode 194 TCOT Wednesday Woman, was not there. Submitted by H. Mason 4/29/15
+ A FALL OUT SHELTER Sign was in the hall [Type FS 2]. Mike Bedard 5.20.16 MeTV airing.

This is the first of two PM appearances for Joan Huntington (Kitty Delaney), who also appeared in one episode of "Ironside"...MikeM. 2/24/2017

John M. Nickolaus Jr. was Director of Photography for 56 episodes of PM from 1964-1966. He was also Director of Photography for 15 episodes of "The New Perry Mason" from 1973-1974...MikeM. 3/2/2018

Together again Messrs Bouchey and Showalter also appeared together in the 1953 film Dangerous Crossing - the former as the captain, the latter as a fellow officer - along with Perry alums Michael Rennie, Mary Anderson and Carl Betz (that's right: no fewer than five co-stars!!). True to type, their characters were much as they appeared on PM: Bouchey chatty but somewhat imperious, and Showalter rather slimy. Sea Also by Notcom 062518(updated 031419).

This was the last of Max Showalter's six appearances. PerryFan Steve 3/10/20

This is the only PM appearance for Chris Robinson (Carl Talbert), who had a recurring role as Sgt. Sandy Komansky on the television series "12 O'Clock High". Chris Robinson is now 79 years old...MikeM. 7/6/2018

Goof Danny tells Perry "I realized I had lost my service revolver", but he had already resigned at that point: he wouldn't - or shouldn't - even have his service revolver. Notcom 082421.