Location: Quick shot of Parker Center about 7 minutes in and Stanley Mosk Courthouse at the 30 minute mark. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 30 September 2010.
Character Names: The mechanic’s name is Mr. Richards. Submitted by gracenote, 5/31/2011.

Sightings: At Clay’s Grill, our “Miss Carmody” sits at a table while drinking tea and chatting with a friend. In the courtroom gallery, Quiet Old Man #1 is on hand to observe Perry in action. Read more about these and other favorite frequent faces. Submitted by gracenote, 5/31/2011.

Lee Miller's Sergeant Brice has a Speaking Part: "Yes Sir," he said to Lieutenant Drumm. Mike Bedard 3.2.15.
+ Actually, he has several lines speaking to Drumm during the lineup. Submitted by Kilo 2/3/2018.

This is the last of four appearances of Myrna Fahey. In two episodes she was the defendant and the murder victim in "TCO the Gambling Lady".
+ The two episodes where she was the defendant were "TCOT Nimble Nephew" (1960) and "TCOT Violent Vest" (1961). OLEF641 9/20/21

Jersey City-born Grandon Rhodes Judged 16 Perrys (6%): 11 as Judge, 1 as Judge No. 2, 1 as Divorce judge, 1 as Judge Lennox, 1 as Judge Kippen & 1 As Grandon "R." Rhodes [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 3.2.15.

The "Medical Examiner" is credited as Pitt Herbert, but it looks like a different actor. Submitted by Miss Carmody, 8 July 2024.

Ian Wolfe played Judges in "The Andersonville Trial (Board of Military Judges)," "Daniel Boone" & "Judd For The Defense"; he also appeared in 2 Star Treks & FBIs [IMDb]. (Coincidentally the Wardrobe Co-Supervisor for TCOTMH was Bob Wolfe, but No relationship is cited on IMDb.) Mike Bedard 3.2.15.
+ He also appeared in one episode of Ironside. OLEF641 9/22/21
+ Wolfe had a recurring role as Hirsch, a wisecracking and insubordinate butler to Mrs. Carlson, radio station owner of WKRP in Cincinnati. Submitted by Chief Kurtz, 18 January 2022

This is the second of two PM appearances for Cathleen Cordell, who was born in Brooklyn, but raised in England and France....MikeM. 3/27/2017

Inspiration (of a sort) Although it's impossible to know who - if anyone - was the inspiration for the Barney Austin character, a likely candidate is Joe Pyne who was rising to prominence at the time this show was produced. Notcom, 070717.
+ My college buddy alerted me to the Joe Pyne TV show. To this day I still use "take a hike" (Joe's way of dismissing a speaker he didn't like) but in a humorous tone. Submitted by Kilo 2/3/2018.
++ I agree; the character seems reminiscent of Joe Pyne. Submitted by catyron, August 2nd, 2018

This is the first of two PM writing credits for writer/producer Robert E. Kent, who sometimes wrote under the pseudonym James B. Gordon. Robert Kent was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1911 and passed in Los Angeles in 1984...MikeM. 4/2/2018

This is the only PM appearance by Dan Travanty, who took billing as Daniel J. Travanti starting in the mid 1970s. Travanti became a household name in the 1980s playing Capt. Frank Furillo on Hill Street Blues. It's fun seeing the consummate good guy actor playing a total lout here. Old Dave, 9/8/2020
+ Late in his career Travanti played another unlikable, to put it mildly, character, a serial killer, and father of a serial killer, in the "Criminal Minds" episode "Remembrance of Things Past" OLEF641 9/20/21