CARS: 1957 Cadillac convertible, black w/ black & white int., white top up (Mason); 1957 Buick Caballero station wagon, 2-tone; 1957 Pontiac 2dr hardtop, medium color; 1957 Buick Roadmaster convertible, black, wire wheels & continental kit* (Police) *later becomes black Special 4dr sedan. From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.
+ As Marlow arrives in the 1957 Pontiac Star Chief, Tulloch's 1941 Ford Woody wagon can be seen. It appears later in closeup, but only the long shot reveals it as a '41. In the parking lot of the Eldorado club one partially sees a '57 Lincoln Premiere Convertible, and the attendant drives up in a 1957 Buick Special 4 door hardtop. The '57 Buick Roadmaster with the Continental Kit (that mysteriously changes into a Buick Special) was a model 76R 2 door hardtop with a three piece rear window (rather than a convertible as stated above), and appears to have a custom grill, or at least is missing the front grill badge. Nice! Submitted by oldgray, 2/3/2014.

Gotta love it when Paul calls Harry Marlow the "Petunia King". Submitted by HamBurger, 7/28/2017
+ Like when Lt. Steve Drumm called the White Snow Princess “Miss Snow Plow” in episode #120 TCOT Misguided Model. Kilo 2/21/2021.

Dan Seymour (Harry Marlow), in the first of seven PM appearances, greatly resembles George Dzundza in his Law & Order days around 1990. Submitted by Tony Perodeau, 8/8/2019.

The (shooting?) script for this episode is dated 12 July 1957. At least 11 other episodes have scripts dated earlier. It seems reasonable to assume this episode was filmed no earlier than 12th. It was, however, the 6th broadcast. There was a little more than a 3-month delay between filming and broadcast. Submitted by billp, 3 November 2009.
+ And the Cadillac is back as Perry's car...Submitted by HamBurger, 9/13/2020

This episode of Perry Mason (TCOT Silent Partner) is based on an Erle Stanley Gardner novel of the same name. The season nine episode titled TCOT Candy Queen (#244, 9.3) is also based on this same ESG novel. So this ninth season episode is often considered to be a "re-make" of TCOT Silent Partner. See here. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 25 April 2013.

Location: About 31 minutes in, a car goes by the Standard Federal Savings and Loan in downtown Los Angeles. According to, an architecture site this building was the first glass skyscraper in downtown and was located at 611 Wilshire and Grand. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 28 October 2010.

Cyril Delevanti played Tulloch in this episode, “TCOT Silent Partner.” The only other Perry Mason episode in which he appeared is “TCOT Silent Six.” In 1957 “TCOT Silent Partner” was broadcast as the sixth episode of the series. And both the episode titles had the word “silent” in them. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 31 January 2011.

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson appears here as a policeman that responds to the house fire. Submitted by BigBill767, Nov 11, 2016.

Sighting: A “Who is That?” bonanza—no courtroom scenes, but watch as Perry and Burger thrash it out! Distinguished Gentleman #1 is behind the counter and Pencil Mustache Man is the photographer. Later on, Distinguised Lady #2 is a nurse. Submitted by evelyne, 2/6/2011.

Syndication cuts: Mr. Curtis entering the club; Tulloch is asked about the stock but won't help Bob Kimber, Mason and Della discussing the six missing candy cups and Tulloch overhearing and leaving; Lola arriving home watched by the detective as Tulloch hides and Lola undresses. Additional Hallmark cuts: Part of Mildred's conversation with Mason concerning hysterical women Mason has met and her not being well; Mason ringing the doorbell at Lynk's place and looking in the window seeing the Siamese cat; Burger says he'll charge Mason with malfeasance and Mason's conversation with the reporters; at the hospital, Mason telling Della they need to see the D.A. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/08/12.

The murder weapon is a .32 Colt Pocket Positive with a four inch barrel. When Mildred negligently fires it and hits a lamp,the curtains fly back violently, indicating the effects person had fitted a full charge explosive squib in the lamp; in reality this wouldn't happen. When Tragg and his partner hear this, they both pull Colt .38 Police Positives, also with 4 inch barrels, one of the few times Tragg pulls anything but a warrant... by SteveP Feb22,2013
+ Another time was "Moth-Eaten Mink" in Perry's office at the end. Mike Bedard 7.15.16.//

Show Summary Errors: There are several errors in the show summary. First, only one person is poisoned. Second, Mildred is arrested for killing someone with a gun, not by poisoning. Third, it's Mason who threatens to charge Burger with manslaughter. Fourth, we never see Paul at the murder scene. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 3-15-2014.
+ Perry Bluster. At the risk of playing D.A. (which is what I think Perry is doing) and not really knowing CA law from the 1950's, when "Mason" threatens to charge "Burger" with manslaughter should his client die from the stress and harassment and all, that seems totally ridiculous. Perry can't make that decision.
++ If she were to die and the police or the DA had reason to believe that manslaughter or some other crime had occurred an arrest could only be made based on probable cause or if the DA went to a judge or Grand Jury seeking charges and an arrest warrant. Phil A 7-19-2018

One of the few episodes where there's no court scene. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 3-16-14.
+ The "Judges Frequency List" reports that there are 21 episodes with No credited Judges (Statistics Page). Mike Bedard 3.26.15

The license plate changed on Perry's Cadillac. In episode 4 TCOT Drowning Duck the letters are hard to see when he follows the police car into the drive at the Waters Farm, but the numbers 268 are visible. In this story the plate is NCV 440. Submitted by H. Mason 9/25/14

Anne Barton, who played Mildred Kimber in this one, also played the mother of the annoying "Eddie Haskell" character for two episodes on the "Leave It to Beaver" series in 1963. Submitted by mesave31, 03/27/15.
+ Sidelight: Ken Osmond, who famously played "Eddie Haskell", died 18May2020 at the age of 76. jfh 22May2020

Director Christian Nyby passed away in Temecula CA in 1993. Erle Stanley Gardner passed away in Temecula CA in 1970. Both Nyby and Gardner were aged 80 at the time of their passing....MikeM. 7/15/2016

Tough Guy Two-bagger: We're treated to a twofer of LAPD brawn in this episode: the cops have to crash through one door to rescue Lola Florey early on, and later to confront Mildred Kimber's gunshot. JohnK, 3 Sept 2016

ESG: "The Case of the Silent Partner" is Perry Mason novel #17, published in 1940. Submitted by catyron 11/4/2017

Tragg's squad car was driving through town siren blaring. The odd thing is the car has no police lights or visible siren or any other indication that it's even a police car. Submitted by Kilo 2/24/2018.

This is the only PM appearance for Dawn Richard, who was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month in May 1957. In 1958, Dawn Richard gave up her acting career to marry famed producer David L. Wolper. The couple had three children before divorcing in 1974...MikeM. 4/27/2018

Coffee Cups But No Carafe: This is the second appearance for the fabulous conical art deco coffee cups with the "seven handles" (handles shaped like the number 7). No close=ups, but these are the same with the bands of gilding on an ivory or white ground seen before. Last time they were awkwardly filled from paper cups (the weirdest thing i have ever seen) -- but now they are just "magically" filled when the shot opens, and there is no carafe in sight. Della will soon get things together and the well-loved Curious Coffee Cups will be introduced, along with a long line a Changing Carafes. And then, eventually, as the series fades away, paper cups will again be seen. Submitted by catyron 9/11/20

Perry calls "Veteran Reporter" above Smitty. Submitted by HamBurger, 9/13/2020
+ Smitty gets a camera flash right in the face. Kilo 2/21/2021.

Lola's Luggage: When Lola leaves the hospital, she's carrying both a stylish little purse and a small alligator suitcase. Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember the ambulance attendants taking those when they wheeled Lola out as her life was hanging by a thread. Or maybe our thoughtful Della packed them for her. JohnK, 7 June 2021