CARS: 1949-50 Ford 2dr sedan, dark color, Late 40s Ford (?) COE moving van, Late 40s Dodge extended length 4dr sedan, light & medium color (Taxi), 1958 Ford Thunderbird convertible, black, top down & white top up (Drake), 1959 Cadillac series 62 convertible, black, top down & white top up (Mason), Multiple 1959 Ford Custom 300 4dr sedans, black & white (Police), Cameos: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad, medium color Early 50s Ford pickup. From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.

Sightings: Several recurring courtroom spectators appear in this episode. Distinguished Gentleman #1 sits behind the prosecutor, while across the aisle, Quiet Old Man #1 and the Little Old Lady in a Hat sit next to each other. She is especially visible in a close-up of Miss Swaine. DG #1 also plays an elevator operator named Rudy at the Westwood Arms. He doesn’t speak a word, only nods. But we get a better look at him than ever, for he actually accompanies the Transfer Man to an apartment. Submitted by gracep, 9/05/2010.
+ DG #1 is once again hiding in plain sight in this episode. The actor's name is in fact Rudy -- Rudolph Salinger. This we know from #112, TCOT Wintry Wife, when RS speaks and gets a credit (but is not seen all that well). JohnK, 16 April 2018
++ In TCOT Artful Dodger DG #1 (Rudolph Salinger) played a waiter whom Perry again addressed as "Rudy," the actor's real name. Submitted by catyron, January 25, 2021.
+++ “Miss Carmody” can be seen among those filing out of court at adjournment while Tragg is speaking with Perry near the defense table. She can also be seen when court resumes, seated at the right end of the second row behind the defense table. Submitted by alan_sings, 3 Oct 2010.
++++ The distinctive visage of Quiet Old Man #2 peers over the shoulder of Ernest Wray in a cutaway. More about all these folks at Who Is That? Submitted by gracenote, 7/25/2011.

+++++ At the initial accident scene, we get a glimpse of the Cute Young Woman, who evidently has been let out of the gallery for the day. JohnK, 4 October 2023

Character Names: We learn that Ruth Prescott’s maiden name is Jiuvenal. Submitted by gracenote, 7/25/2011.

It's for you, Mr. Mason: When a phone is heard ringing, it's a good bet it's for you-know-who. This time Paul finds Perry at Jimmy McLain's apartment. Submitted by francis, 7/24/14.

Taxi: Ruth took a cab from Jimmy's apartment to her house. It had Yellow on the dome light and Sky-View on the door. Were the companies merging? See trivia notes for previous episode. Submitted by H. Mason 10/22/14

When Jimmy wrote the note to Ruth, it appeared as though the little notebook he used was vertical. When Ruth read the note (tacked to the door), the message was written horizontally on the paper. Submitted by Otto Gervaert 9/19/2022.

This is the second of two PM appearances for Susan Cummings (Margaret Swaine), who was born in Germany. Cummings was the woman who deciphered the alien book in the Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man"...MikeM. 10/12/2016

There is a stack of magazines on Jimmy's coffee table: "New Era" and "Modern Spy Trails" are visible on top. New Era is the magazine for Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints youth. I could find no further information on Modern Spy Trails. Submitted by Kilo 7/7/2017.

ESG: "The Case of the Lame Canary" is Perry Mason novel # 11, published in 1937. Submitted by catyron 11/3/2017

This is the first of two PM appearances for James Philbrook (Harry Jonson), who had a recurring role as Paul Belzer on "The New Loretta Young Show". James Philbrook passed in 1982 at the age of 58...MikeM. 7/24/2018

Gavel and Other Statistics For Season Two: Gavel: 8/30 (27%) episodes, Military Court: 1 episode, Pencil: 4 episode, Eyeglasses tapped: 1 episode -- OLEF641 1/17/22