That little pistol that Alice Gorman uses looks to be a Browning “Baby” 25 (caliber). It's about 4" long and 3" high. Holds 6 rounds, I think. Watch for this gun in other Perry Mason episodes, it’s pretty distinctive in B&W film with its pearl handle. Submitted by billp, 31 October 2009.

Location: Quick shot of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse 32 minutes into the episode. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 28 September 10.

Character Names: Paul Drake reveals that Stan Piper’s full name is Stanley J. Piper. Submitted by gracep 10/15/2010.
+ Anomaly: The Prosecutor’s name, as stated by Paul Drake, is Deputy D.A. Jack Alvin. No explanation as to why this is omitted from the credits. Submitted by gracep 10/15/2010.
+ No Anomaly: Credits are used to identify actors. Since the casual viewer probably would not remember the name "Jack Alvin" (it was only mentioned once before he appeared) the word prosecutor was used instead. Since he wasn't identified as a Deputy D.A. in this episode those words weren't used either. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 3/17/14.
Character Names: Mrs. Ames' first name is 'Dora' (played by Sarah Selby) jfh 18Jan2023

William Campbell, better known to Generation X for his appearances on the original Star Trek, makes his second appearance on Perry Mason. See trivia item for episode 78. Submitted by gracep 10/15/2010.

Sightings: On the second day of the hearing, Distinguished Gentleman #1, Quiet Old Man #1, and “Miss Carmody” are all sitting together on the defense side. Read more about these recurring spectators as you ask yourself, Who Is That? Submitted by gracep 10/15/2010.
+ “Sasha Magaloff” can be seen as well seated in various places about the courtroom. Submitted by daveb, 4/2/11.
++"Sasha Magaloff" can also be seen clearly sitting on a bench outside the courtroom next to another gentleman as Perry walks along the hall on the first day of the hearing. Submitted by JazzBaby, 8/30/2019.
+++ "Sasha Magaloff" is now known to be the actor Mitchell Rhein. Submitted by catyron, November 16, 2020.

CARS. (1) 1960 Buick Invicta Convertible, Carl Gorman & Betty, medium-color, top down;

1960-61 was LA's "Driest water year (4.85)" up to that time. Were the cars dirty due to dust storms, brush fires, car-wash restrictions or greasy fingers? Submitted by Gary Woloski, 9/6/12.

SEASON PREMIČRE. This ep#98 was the Season Premičre (Season 4) according to the daily TV listing on page 51 of THE NEW YORK TIMES on Saturday, 1 October 1960:

  • 7:30-8:30 -- Perry Mason: "The Case of the Ill-Fated Faker," with Raymond Burr (Season's premičre) - (2).

The Toronto GLOBE AND MAIL listing for the same day was:

  • 7:30 4-Perry Mason.The Case of the Ill-Fated Faker.Perry is hired to rid a businessman of his larcenous, free-loading nephew.(Seasonal premiere.)

New York's Ch2 was & still is WCBS. Toronto's Ch4 was WBEN TV Buffalo, then a CBS affiliate. On the same page 51 of THE NEW YORK TIMES, don't miss Jack Gould's negative review of Episode 1 of The FLINSTONES (debuted the previous night, 30 Sep 60). Gould wrote: "the show was an inked disaster". Review reproduced here, scroll 6 paras. Added by Gary Woloski, 2/22/13.
+ my perception of reality is shattered: FeTV indicates this to be the 3rd episode of Season 4, TCOT Treacherous Toupee being the first, TCOT Credulous Quarry being 2nd sigh. jfh 18Jan2023.

Della: Very subtle - Miss Street wore her monogram dress while driving Perry's car near the cabin. Submitted by H. Mason 11/1/14
+ Della was also wearing her monogrammed dress in Perry's office earlier. jfh 18Jan2023

Medical Expert: After being given the name Dr. James Latham in his last appearance (episode 79 TCOT Lucky Legs) Pitt Herbert was again identified as "Autopsy Surgeon." Submitted by H. Mason 11/1/14

This is apparently the only PM for Harvard-educated director Charles Haas. Haas passed in 2011 at the age of 97...MikeM. 8/15/2016

According to Wikipedia, story submitter Edward Lasko/Lakso had a music degree from UCLA. Lasko/Lakso co-wrote and scored a Russ Meyer film, The Immoral Mr. Teas....MikeM. 8/15/2016

According to Wikipedia, Sue Randall was a heavy smoker who died of lung cancer...MikeM. 8/16/2016

This is the fourth of five PM appearances for June Dayton, who also appeared in five episodes of Death Valley Days...MikeM. 11/22/2016
+ TCOT Girls Reunion it's also the second of three appearances for Sarah Selby, and - of more interest - it's the second (of two) in which they appear together [the first being TCOT Runaway Corpse 10 11/23/57 ---jfh 18Jan2023]. Although hardly identical - Ms. Dayton played the defendant in the earlier role - there are substantial plot similarities (the cases both center around someone faking their death, and Ms. Selby is notably duplicitous in both). Notcom, 022522.

Morris Harmell was assistant director of 38 episodes of PM from 1958 to 1961...MikeM. 8/22/2017

El Salón México by Aaron Copland is, I believe, what is played in the penultimate scene with Paul in the hotel Lobby. Notcom, 022522.
+ another wardrobe note: Della wears a beautiful soutache embroidered shirt in Perry's office while Perry speaks to Paul when he called from Mexico. jfh 18Jan2023