According to the testimony of Hugo Burnette, an airplane flight from New York to Los Angeles in 1960 takes 5 1/2 hours. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 6/30/2009.

Location: This episode opens at the Burbank Airport and you can see the exterior of the terminal and parking lot. I confirmed this with Les Copeland, president, of the Burbank Aviation Museum. Burbank Airport is now called Bob Hope Airport and has a slightly different facade. It is also featured in episodes #39, #99, #165, #220 and #258. Posted by Eric Cooper, 19 February 2010. Some pictures here.
+ This airport has had a number of names during its history. Currently known as Hollywood Butbank Airport, it began as United Airport in 1930. In 1934 it was renamed Union Air Terminal, and went through a number of renamings over the years, for various reasons: Lockheed Air Terminal (1940–1967, known informally, during at least the latter part of this period, as Burbank Airport), Hollywood–Burbank Airport (1967–1978), Burbank–Glendale–Pasadena Airport (1978–2003), Bob Hope Airport (2003-2017). It was the home, until 1989, of Lockheed's famous Skunk Works, where many famous planes were developed, such as the P-38 and the SR-71 Blackbird. OLEF641 2/11/21

Location: Quick shot of Stanley Mosk Courthouse about 30 minutes into the episode. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 28 September 2010.

Sightings: In the courtroom gallery, we find the Little Old Lady in a Hat, Distinguished Gentleman #1, “Miss Carmody,” Quiet Old Men #1 and #2, Distinguished Lady #2, and The Thin Man. Quite a crowd! More about these people here. Posted by daveb, 10/19/2010.
+ At a dramatic moment when Della, Perry, and Paul are conferring before a phone booth, Quiet Old Man #2 strolls by, dressed in a dark suit and hat. Submitted by gracenote, 23 June 2011.
+ In the back row of the court, we find Distinguished Lady #4. This seems to her favorite spot as we see her there quite often. Bill767, 1/3/16.

The Curious Coffee Set: A few cups from the Curious Coffee Set make an appearance in Perry's office. More info here. Submitted by daveb, 12/30/2010.

The Return of the Glass Carafe: Prior to the introduction of the Curious Coffee Set, Della used a Triangular Glass Carafe and glass coffee cups. When the Curious Coffee Set moved in, the Triangular Glass Carafe disappeared, to be replaced by a chrome coffee maker, but now it is back. It was manufactured by the Inland Glass company, and you can see it in full colour here: Submitted by catyon, 12/6/2017.

+ That is a perfect example of a 1960s design. Even though I was very young in the 60s, I remember the designs vividly. In a way, the carafe also reminds me of the Jetsons. Submitted by Arisia, 03/07/18
++ My mom had a similar carafe, with the same kind of markings, except it was round instead of triangular. Gosh, hadn't thought of it in simply forever! OLEF641. 2/11/21

Syndicated cuts: Lucy gets into her car, drives to the harbor, takes a packet of papers and puts a weight on the gas pedal; Mason drives Morgan to the harbor, meets Paul, car is pulled out of the water, Tragg joins them; Paul tails Burnette, Mason asks why he would travel that far to identify the body, Tragg asks why Drake is following Burnette; the autopsy surgeon's testimony [it was cut in episode 95 as well]. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 8/25/12.

CARS in order of appearance; Cast cars numbered, background car lettered (a):

Cars (1) and (3) were in preceding episode. Perry's car still hasn't been washed! Added by Gary Woloski, 8 Sep 2012.

Two encore appearances for a familiar bus?

  • In the opening scene of "Violent Village" (episode 80), we see an intercity bus -- an Aerocoach P-372 bearing a Trailways livery (color scheme) but no identifying lettering.
  • In the opening scene of this episode (99), again we see a bus -- in the background of the parking lot and to the right of the commercial passenger terminal -- apparently the same Aerocoach, still with the Trailways livery and still without lettering.
  • Later, in the waterfront scene during the extraction of the sunken Chevrolet, yet again we see a bus in the background -- the rear of the right side of a bus -- apparently the same Aerocoach.

Those two repeat appearances cause me to wonder whether that bus was one which the studio used to shuttle members of the cast or crew or both to and from shoot locations nearby. Submitted by DocRushing on 10 September 2012.

License plate: The plate number CVX 266 was used on John M. Carson's stolen car in episode 63 TCOT Calendar Girl. Added by H. Mason 11/1/14

Telephone number: The number (Hollywood 2-0799) seen on Lucy's phone was Doris Petrie's number in episode 76 TCOT Golden Fraud. Submitted by H. Mason 11/1/14

Same Bank: The check Lucy wrote to her "cousin" was from the Wilshire Bank. The George Livingston account was opened at a branch of the same bank in episode 84 TCOT Gallant Grafter. Submitted by H. Mason 11/1/14

This is the second of five PM appearances by Harry Townes. In 1974, Townes was ordained as an Episcopal priest...MikeM. 8/17/2016

This is the only PM writing/story credit for Milton Gelman, who wrote seven episodes of Tales of Wells Fargo...MIkeM. 11/23/2016