This episode marks the second time that Dan Seymour (born Dan Seymour Katz) plays a Latin character (he also played Carlos Silva in “TCOT Impatient Partner,” #125). I don’t understand the casting; neither his appearance nor his accent convince the viewer. Given that Perry episodes often cast “authentic” actors for ethnic roles, Seymour’s casting seems all the stranger to me. Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 3/2/2011.
+ Well, Ed, maybe the parties involved thought Seymour looked “Latin” enough! It was a different time; and remember, they did present Frank Silvera as the father of Joan Banks in show #49. I remember actors who always seemed to get various ‘ethnic’ parts, regardless of what their actual origin was. I’ve seen Nehemiah Persoff play Italians, Poles and Latins. Michael Constantine comes to mind as well! Submitted by MikeReese, 12/20/2011
+ Does anyone know what the heck Seymour character Pedro Dias is eating during the courtroom (except when he is on the stand)? My wife says maybe peanuts or pepitos... HamBurger 07/17/2016

Perhaps the show is trying to be a little progressive; there appear to be more women enrolled the law class than one might expect in 1963. Submitted by gracenote, 7/25/2011.

Near the end, when Rennie bends over to pick up the locket, it sure looks like he is wearing velvet evening slippers.

Every story that involves “compromising photos” reminds me of the anecdote about the French diplomat presented with photos of him in flagrante delicto with his secretary. His response to the potential blackmailer was to order a full set of 8x10 glossies. DOD 01/24/22

Did you catch it? When Paul gives Mr. Hawes a cigarette, he pilfers the whole pack. Very slick. Submitted by gracenote, 7/25/2011.

I wonder about the thought processes of university-extension Professor Lindley. Two examples: 1) Janice visits the professor after class and tells him that she hit “Rayo” (per the subtitles on the 2011 Paramount DVD) over the head with a fireplace poker just before running away. She thinks that she killed him, but Lindley thinks that he may be only stunned so he tells her, “Janice, a few more minutes’ delay won’t make any difference.” Really? After a possibly fatal blow? Submitted by masonite, 11/30/2011.
+ I think what he means is that the time checking on the body won't make a difference in getting to the police to report the murder (if he was really dead). Submitted by Kilo 8/11/2018.

2) Lindley later calls on Vivian at her dance studio when he is looking for Rayo. Lindley doesn’t know either Vivian or Rayo, so doesn’t recognize Rayo, who is pretending to be a student of Vivian’s. Lindley tells Vivian, “When you see him, would you give him this, and tell him I’m very anxious to get in touch with him?” And “this” is a plain business card with text on only one side, the text being only “Edward Lindley, PhD. / Professor of Law.” So with only that info, how does Vivian know that he is “a professor from the university,” and how is Rayo supposed to get in touch with him? For starters, how many universities are there in the L.A. area? Submitted again by masonite, 11/30/2011.

The camera (similar to the popular Kodak Vigilant) used a wired remote to activate the 5 second delay shutter rather than a "radio-activated camera" stated in the Summary. Submitted by ace, 10/5/2012.
+ corrected by 10yearoldfan, 9 November 2013.
+ I believe the camera was a Polaroid Model 110a. Also, the photo had the wavey edges of Polaroid film of that era. Most likely it was Type 47 since that was 3000 speed film and would be usable without a flash indoors. Added by TerryS, 12/17/2018.