From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Law professor Edward Lindley (Michael Rennie) believes that a good trial lawyer is a combination of jackass and parrot. Seriously, though, he has great respect for men like Perry Mason and gets some practical experience of his own when a student of his confesses to having killed a man.

Janice Norland claims to have killed a blackmailing dance instructor, Raul Perez, by hitting him with a poker. Lindley checks her story and finds no body. Since Perry is still unavailable, the law professor takes on Janiceís case and winds up in court when Raul really is killed.

The police discover that Raul was using a remotely-activated camera to gather blackmail material, a fact that works against Janice. One of those photos shows her standing over Raulís dead body. Itís a curious case, made even stranger by the fact that Janice's mother was the real object of Raulís schemes.