BACK TO THE FUTURE CONNECTION?Now we know where Christopher Lloyd's inspiration came from for Doc Brown in "Back to the Future." John Anderson! Submitted by DellaMason 12.23

MISS CLEOCleo had such a dead-eyed look that I kept checking the TV to make sure it hadn't frozen. For a woman who was totally dependent upon Kenyon's hospitality, she was awfully demanding. She seemed to forget that he could have thrown her out on her behind at any moment. Then she would have had to sell more than "dates" with Theba to be able to survive. DellaMason 12/23

NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL. - Kenyon's pathetic slobbering over Theba (the one with the awful phony accent), was tough to watch. Theba looked like she was just barely legal and Kenyon even called her a "kid." He looked old enough to be her grandfather. Back in the the day, there were always some men who preferred taking very young women directly from their parents, marrying them, and "raising them" into the perfect wife. Today we call that grooming and those men pedophiles. The thing that seemed to turn Kenyon on about Theba was her innocence and inexperience. "Her mother thinks I'm too old for her," he tells Perry. So does everybody else! The more angry he got over Theba's disinterest in his love, the more I wished he would be found guilty. I'm not sure if the writers were trying to paint a sympathetic portrait of unrequited love, but it doesn't work. Not just because of the age gap, but because the attraction for Kenyon is solely based on Theba's innocence and childlike nature. Theba was not worth the time and effort. "I do sahmting wrong Yanoos?" Yes, you put on that phony accent that hurts our ears. Please stop! Submitted by DellaMason

SMOKING GUN?Burger's smugness is really grating in this episode. He always asks witnesses whether they saw anyone else but the defendant enter or leave the house. When they inevitably say no, he struts around proudly as though their answer is a smoking gun. Considering we are talking about a house with several entrances, how is this proving anything? And when there is evidence of the defendant getting angry with the victim, Burger treats it as a confession of guilt. One thing that never made sense to me is why more "hostile witnesses" don't outright lie or say they can't remember. They accurately recount private conversations heard by nobody else because Burger barks at them they are under oath and must answer. But why did they tell him about it in the first place? I know I know. Manufactured to create suspense. Either way, it seems as though Burger is always far too confident without the conviction rate to back it up.

Client Kenyon mentions "Blackstone's Commentaries" in Perry's office: "Sir William Blackstone's 'Commentaries on the Laws of England' were first published in 1765-69," observes. They were required reading in Thomas Jefferson's day. Mike Bedard 2.17.15.

TRIUMPH MOTORS. Ken Judson's Triumph TR4 (1961-65) was in the middle of the Triumph "TR Series". The Series started with TR2 (1953) and continued through the TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR5 to the TR6 (produced to 1976). These cars were designed for simplicity, low cost, ruggedness and reliability - which made them popular with weekend racing enthusiasts. Well over a quarter-million TR2s to TR6s were produced. TRs and MG Cars were main competitors for the lower-price sports car market. Triumph followed the TR6 with the totally restyled & redesigned TR7 and TR8 (produced to 1981). I have it on very good authority that mechanics disappear whenever TR7s & 8s approach the shop. TRIUMPH Motors folded in 1984, more here. Submitted by Gary Woloski, 11/22/11.

Perry tells Kenyon that Cleo has a right to stay in the country “until her passport runs out”. That should be until her visa runs out. DOD 01/19/21

Generous Cousin-In-Law: Charles Welsh bought a house as an engagement present for his wife's cousin, Dorothy. jfh 10Feb2023

On the witness stand, Mr. o'Malley refers to Cleo Grammas as a "harridan", which is defined [because I didn't know] as "a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman". jfh 10Feb2023

Lt. Tragg mentioned the GAS CHAMBER: "In 1937, the [CALIF] Legislature provided that Lethal Gas replace hanging...The only...Gas Chamber in the state San Quentin. The first execution... was conducted December 2, 1938...through 1967 a total of 194 persons were executed by Gas, all at SQ. The total includes 4 Women," reports. Mike Bedard 2.18.15.

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Just what was that statue made from? It survived unscathed being thrown over a cliff, and was light enough to float!

If we can believe Kenyon’s final line, it was made out of corn!
> I believe he was speaking metaphorically, as cornstarch is water soluable (as people nowadays can readily discover). Knowing what it isn't doesn't help in knowing what is is, tho; the final scene - and logic - would suggest he used clay, but that would certainly be too maybe clay over a styrofoam core? or papier-mâché? Notcom 061720.