From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
John Larkin, the actor who was the voice of Perry Mason on the original radio show, plays sculptor John Kenyon in this episode. Kenyon is a middle-aged man acting like a teenager. Senility? No, more like midlife crisis. John has fallen for a Greek goddess—his young Greek model, Theba—and makes a statue of her to show his affection.

When John realizes that Theba’s mother, Cleo, will not allow the shy girl to marry him and that Theba is spending time with a man her own age, he is devastated. Not long after, he is spotted throwing what looks like a woman’s body off a cliff. He has a perfect, if unusual, explanation for that--but then Cleo is found dead in his studio.

Can Perry get John out of what comes next? Academy Award winner George Kennedy also stars.