MAKEUP artist Irving Pringle must have had to work overtime with his makeup kit but even Miss Standish's hat and glasses on top of Pringle's best effort couldn't disguise the natural beauty of Natalie Norwick. Natalie also made an hilarious appearance in PM ep#28 as elevator-operator Mavis, a "unique, if weird, witness who has a photographic memory and can identify people by their shoes" (episode summary). The formerly sparse "Filmography" at Natalie's IMDb page has recently (2018) been expanded considerably. Added by Gary Woloski 1/4/12, update 5/31/18.

Among their many credits, House Peters, Jr. and Don Haggerty might have appeared together in the same production a few times. In this story they were both policemen. I remember them as adversaries in the classic Republic Pictures serial King of the Rocket Men. Peters was (good guy) Burt Winslow, Publicity Director for Science Associates. Haggerty was (bad guy) Dirken, the main henchman for the mysterious Dr. Vulcan (I. Stanford Jolley - episodes 83 and 111). It is available on DVD and worth watching if you like action. Submitted by H. Mason 4/5/15 What a stellar cast!Joe B. 11/22/22

The photography and lighting in this episode seem especially crisp. This is especially noticeable in the many closeups. DOD 03/03/21

Carl Reindel (Barry Davis) reminds me of the main male charcter in William Castle's "Homicidal" (1961), which has a +57% Perry Paticipation Score, having 8 of its 14 listed cast members making at least one Perry appearance. jfh 10May2024

During this season, there seems to be more of a "60's Look" with the younger guest stars sporting 60's hair styles and more contemporary interiors. Submitted by Perry Baby 10/9/16

Classic Perry In the final wrap up scene we see the two kids, Paul looking mighty sporty in his beach attire, Della smartly casual, and Perry wearing his suit and tie! Always classy. jfh 24Jan2018.

And don’t Paul and Della look spiffy in those rocking’ shades! DOD 04/04/23
Two-fer once again, Perry not only solves the murder of which his current client is charged, but also a murder which was committed twenty years earlier. jfh 05Feb2019.