After Perry and Paul rowed away from the boat, Rome told his accomplice with the brass knuckles that Button was "a little package of $1000 bills." How did Rome think he was going to access that money by alienating and indirectly threatening the trustee for Button's estate?

I have to wonder…if Distinguished Gentleman #1 got some lines, why didn’t he get any credit while “Woman at Motel” did? Submitted by gracenote, 3/25/2011.
+ This fact seems to be hiding in plain sight on this site, but we do indeed know the name of DG#1 -- Rudy Salinger. Somehow he got a credit #112, TCOT Wintry Wife, as "Chemist." John K, 17 October 2016.
++ This is simply a sign of the times. In the 50s & early 60s women were still considered to be '2nd class citizens', so very few tv programs were written for them. Therefore, a male actor might not receive billing in the credits, even if he had lines, but a (younger) female actress was almost ALWAYS listed, even if her role was no more than 'window dressing'. The reasoning was simply that the male viewers wanted to know who the actresses were. However, it was still considered vulgar for a woman to want to know the name of a male actor - unless, of course, he played one of the lead characters. Submitted by Lazarus 4/21/16

Speaking of lines, La Playa Motel & Bar has a remarkably loyal clientele. See the man in coat and tie next to Distinguished Gentleman #1? On a later day after the murder, later in this episode, he is still there and wearing the same coat and tie. And the same-dressed woman (gray top, long white sleeves) is still at the bar. Submitted by masonite, 12/9/12.

And in that scene above at La Playa, what time of day or night are the people there? Per the wall clock behind Pancho, when he is on the phone, the time is about 3:40. But afternoon or early morning? On Vince's yacht at the same time, it looks like night, with the jetty light occasionally shining in the background. Submitted by masonite, 12/9/12.

The Hallmark Movie Channel's showing today of episode 212 has commercials inserted mid-scene, rather than at the original break points. HMC had started doing this recently, then stopped for at least a week. If the commercials return to their normal times again, I'll try to leave a message. Submitted by MikeM, 10/4/2012.

Contrary to the episode Summary above, the dialog and action convince me that the Blakes are only legally separated with an interlocutory judgement. Early on (8:38 on the 2012 Paramount DVD) Dirk Blake states, "Judge Nelson said I could have Button two days a week until the final divorce hearing." Later (27:13) he states about Janice, "She's been going out a lot, living it up since we're separated." Submitted by masonite, 12/9/12. + Right you are. I've revised the plot summary. -Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 12 October 2014.

Germs: When Mrs. Smithers went into the house for a glass of milk watch Button wipe the handlebar where the woman had touched it. Submitted by H. Mason 4/15/15

The ending for this episode seemed a bit far fetched when Perry and company in his Lincoln drove around LA looking for Button. Submitted by Perry Baby 10/17/16.
+ The search at the end is not completely random. The housekeeper mentions that the lady who took Button said something about going to a particular park. When they don't find them at the park, Perry gets on the nearby Hollywood Freeway, and they see the woman and child standing at the railing of the next overpass...MikeM. 1/21/2017
++ Speaking of far-fetched, Perry and Paul travel to and from the sailboat in a dinghy that looks to be about 6 feet long. I'll bet they weighed in at 500 pounds between the two of them - really pushing the design limits of that little craft. JohnK, 29 January 2018

Continuity: In the opening scene Button gets off of her bicycle twice. Kilo 12/17/2017

Character error: When Mr. Blake is in court arguing why he should get to have Button stay with him he lists the various activities that Button is subjected to when staying with his ex. "ballet lessons, ballroom dancing, ... yogi lessons ..." I'm pretty sure he didn't mean baseball lessons from Yogi Berra? Should have said yoga lessons. Kilo 12/17/2017

That staircase set makes its fourth appearance in the last eight episodes. How did our killer get to the boat without being spotted by lobster boy? DOD 1/29/18

Cousins?? Tho it's not consequential to the plot, one has to wonder what the writers were thinking when they decided an actress born in 1928 should be the cousin of one born in 1955 (for 9-year-olds who haven't gotten that far in math that's 27 years difference!): possible? yes; plausible? ehh.... Relatively unbelieving, Notcom 062519.
+ Rare, yes, but in my family there are a couple instances of first cousins with a near 30 year age difference, a combination of large families and some late-in-life births. DOD 03/08/21
++ That assumes that Button and Lois are first cousins. However, from the scene in which the relationship is discussed, my impression is that Dirk and Lois are the first (or possibly second) cousins, so Button would be at best a first cousin once removed -- hence the age difference is entirely expected. TriviaSleuth, 8/31/2019
> Ah, thanks !! As an only child born to two only children, I'm afraid figuring out the intricacies of extended familial relations is still on my bucket list. Gratefully, Notcom 083119.

On the boat, Vince Rome asks Lois Gray if she wants her drink, "over the rocks?" To which she responds, "over the rocks." Over? Not on? Submitted by Otto Gervaert, 3/8/21.
+ Sounds like a simple confusion between "on the rocks" and "over ice" --meaning the same thing relative to a drink OLEF641 7/21/21

Am I the only one who finds it odd that the little girl's name is Button? Was that a normal name at the time? Submitted by Apofisu 02/27/23