From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Or maybe “The Case of Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?”

Janice and Dirk Blake are divorced. They are presently firing opening rounds in a custody battle over their daughter Button, who has inherited $4 million from her grandfather.

Dirk takes the low road and hides Button aboard a boat owned by Vince Rome. But Perry and Paul manage to locate the girl. The case then goes to court, and the judge awards temporary custody of Button to her cousins, Lois and Roger Gray. But Vince Rome has a plan -— involving no less than theft, blackmail, and hints of illicit sex -— to cut himself in on the $4 million pie. When Dirk learns of this scheme, he goes to the boat and fights with Rome. A gun goes off and Rome is hit. The next day his body is found, but Dirk swears Rome was alive when he left. Perry believes him.