Regarding The Two Chevys referred to in the "Continuity" Trivia item: The car in the "approach scene" imported from ep#192 is a 1955 Chevrolet "Model 210 2-Door Sedan" (mid-price-range $1775 & up). See Trivia Ep#192. The car that Luc parks in front of the ranch house is a deluxe '55 Chevrolet "Bel Air 2-door Hardtop" ('55 factory price w/V8 engine $2,166). The distinctive '55 Chev grill is seen on the car from ep#192 at the beginning of the imported shot and on Luc's car at "Charlie's Car Carnival" but the car in the imported shot also has the optional grill guard (bar between front bumperettes). When he parks it at Millie's house, Luc's car is seen to be a Bel Air Hardtop by the deluxe chrome trim and absence of a centre door post. It has a one-colour, medium-tone paint job, but otherwise it is just like this. Regarding the mirror positions on the two cars:

  • The side-mirror on Luc's Bel Air is in the standard, factory-installed position.
  • The side-mirror on the car in the "approach scene" imported from ep#192 is probably dealer or owner-installed (explained at the Trivia, Ep#192).

Submitted by Gary Woloski, 12/22/11.

Lucas Tolliver is one of most unlikable defendants in the history of the show. He is a liar and a phony, he bullies his fiance/wife before and after the wedding, and, based on the final scene, he is a womanizer who takes advantage of vulnerable women. Submitted by Neil Van Zile, 7/2/2014.
+ Agreed! Joe B. 04/13/2020
++ Plus the deaths of his previous two wives seem really suspicious, which suggests the horrible irony that Perry has just saved a 2-time murderer from being convicted for the one murder he didn't commit (maybe this should have been the one Perry loses?). ckb 10/8/20
+++ See below the 'Spoiler' banner for a counterpoint on this view. OLEF641 9/10/21

Both Noah appearances (*"Hasty Honeymooner" & "Golden Venom") aired in '65 & featured Remedy-Turned-Poison murder weapons. Mike Bedard *2.17.15.

The first scene at the dance shows someone bringing in a tray of small carved jack o'lanterns. I believe this is the only seasonal holiday referenced in the entire series. No Christmas episodes, no Easter, no 4th of July, etc. jfh 01Apr2019.

“Dodging Domino” is set at Halloween - in fact, the costumed kids are an integral part of the plot. METV shows this episode out of sequence in late October. DOD 04/27/21

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Goof?: HOW does the murderer fill up the fatal glass of poisoned drink near the record player, when in the very next shot he is seen already having a phone conversation as an upset Millicent comes into the room? He can't be in two places at once and I cannot imagine he ran there unnoticed and even if he did, he'd have to been The Flash! FWIW, I am watching a copy of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and not the DVD version, just in case that matters as it relates to scenes being cut. Submitted by mesave31, 03/14/15.

Watch and listen closely as the murderer flubs his lines just after Perry accuses him of the crime. Submitted by BobH, 22 December 2015.

The scheme as originally planned called for finding a wealthy sucker through the dating service, but Lucas purposely hid his wealth to avoid gold diggers. How did our villains learn he was actually a rich man?
Seems this murder requires some rather esoteric chemical knowledge. It also seems that anyone taking those pills would be aware of the danger of drinking lemonade. DODay 3/20/18
+ I was going to question the rapid onset of symptoms shown, but it appears to be plausible: 10-15' is mentioned Notcom, 082620.

While Tolliver is certainly one of the most unlikable of Perry's clients, in all fairness it should be mentioned that Millicent herself wasn't the innocent they (mostly) make her appear to be. She was on the make for a rich husband to kill so she and her lover could benefit. There were a couple of moments where she appears to let her 'cover' slip, but you just don't come away not feeling sorry for her, instead of thinking 'she got what was coming to her' which I think was the intent. OLEF641 9/10/21