The writing is getting so unbelievably lazy. Who in their right mind would find a dead body, pick up the murder weapon and leave only to run right into the police? Jimmy claimed he picked up the golf club because he recognized it as his. However, the police sirens were very loud so he had to have known they were on their way. We come upon him ambling out of the murder room with the club firmly in his hand. This was a cheap ploy to create the illusion that he was guilty. The writers are really phoning it in now. We have seen so many innocent people in this show come upon a body and their first instinct is to immediately pick up the murder weapon so their prints are on it. The show has gotten smarter with showing the changes in policing and protection of suspects' rights. However, they have not changed the stupidity of Perry's clients. Also, Raymond Burr's new hairdo is hideous. It is plastered to his head and makes him look even heavier than he is. By 1966, people were beginning to grow their hair longer. Somehow Burr decided to chop his wavy locks which makes his head look too round. Awful. Submitted by DellaMason

For nearly nine seasons Raymond Burr has sported the same general hairstyle until this episode. Here, is hair is now parted along the side and swept over, a style that would continue for the rest of the season and into his "Ironside" days. Submitted by Kenmore 10/24/2012
+ Actually, his hair has always been parted on the left, it's just now shorter on top and combed straight to the side rather than longer on top and swept back.[unsigned, undated]
++ Ugh. That haircut is unflattering. And Della got hers butchered too this week. At least Paul and Hamilton kept their wavy locks. Submitted by catyron, August 7th, 2018
+++ Has anyone considered that Ironside may have been in development when the final PM episodes were being filmed, and Ray changed his hairstyle to accommodate screen tests, hair and makeup checks, etc.? The pilot aired May 1967, and probably was in pre-production well ahead of that. Submitted by Chief Kurtz 18 January 2022.
++++ I disagree with the "butchered" comment above re: Della's hair. Looks much better short. Submitted by Clothears, 13 June 2022.

Does ANYONE do nasty as well as Dennis Patrick? You almost want this sadist (Chick Farley) to get it. And Perry's final line (to the guilty one) sounds almost satirical - 'You had to have done it - it could only have been you.' Submitted by MikeReese 5/17/2013
+ He did it well with the sneering grin and that pointed nose. This was a better than average episode with plenty of suspects as Chick gave each one a motive. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/24/17.
++ And the winner of the 1965-66 Robert H. Harris Award for Hammiest Performance by a Guest Actor (Victims' Division) is . . . Dennis Patrick. Submitted by BobH, 24 September 2021.
+++ Another actor that could play mean and so clearly enjoy it was Larry Hagman, aka J.R. Ewing. For about five seasons, Patrick (as banker Vaughn Leland) and the Ewings butted heads. [Krazy Karl 82 3/3/2023]

The producers must have been on an efficiency kick - the Farley apartment has appeared, slightly redressed, in four out seven consecutive episodes. What is usually a bathroom door, here is the entrance. The canister set in the kitchen remains the same.
Can we infer Mr Burger is a bachelor?
We get a brief partial glimpse of that staircase set in Rosalind’s house.
All in all, one of the better plotted episodes, without any of those gaps in logic or miraculous deductions by Perry we’ve grown accustomed to. DOD 04/04/18

I loved the way Paul was smoking his cigarette in Perry’s office the scene after he had been “questioning” Rosalie. He seemed most contented. Submitted (with a wink) by Rickapolis 04/16/19
+ Is Rosalie's a brothel? and Rosalie the madam? jfh 06Mar2023

About a year after this episode Dennis Patrick began appearing on the soap Dark Shadows as another nasty character involved in blackmail ... and who eventually gets killed. He appeared as the character in 46 episodes over a period of 4 months. He was on the show when the character of Barnabas Collins was introduced. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 2/7/18.

This is the final of four PM appearances by Dennis Patrick. In October of 2002, while living with a serious cancer diagnosis, he and his pet dog died in a fire at Patrick's home, overlooking the San Fernando Valley. [Krazy Karl 82 3/6/2023]

Conversely, this episode humanized Hamilton Burger because we got to see him multiple times outside the courtroom, including his self-effacing humor when presenting the trophy at the Tournament Banquet. Mike Bedard 3.4.15.
+ Hamilton Burger sports a tuxedo in this episode, something Perry and Paul had done in the first season. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 4 March 2015.
++ After being cross examined several times by District Attorney Burger in previous seasons, Perry finally gets his chance to question Hamilton on the witness stand under oath. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 4 March 2015.

Once again the "official" summary leaves something to be desired: Chick certainly didn't discover the theft the night he was murdered - indeed the working premise thruout the show is that he is the thief !! - and that doesn't seem to be why he's called Hamilton (tho the reason for the call is less clear than the identity). Maybe with the summaries, as with the cast appearances, we should only note the when they're correct !! Sinking a one-footer, Notcom 082919.

Erroneous Ruling - At least according to what I heard just today while watching the 2020/1 Ryder Cup. Jim's offer of fact, ruled advice by the official, and causing him a 2-stroke penalty, should not have been ruled as such. It was not advice; it was a simple statement of fact. I am not a golfer, and I could be wrong on this. OLEF641 9/24/21
+ Under USGA rules, advice is defined as “Any verbal comment or action (such as showing what club was just used to make a stroke) that is intended to influence a player in: Choosing a club, Making a stroke, or Deciding how to play during a hole or round.“ It's a jerk move, and Jim should have known better, but under the rule, the penalty was valid. Submitted by Chief Kurtz, 18 January 2022.