Anomaly: Although spelled D-a-n-n-y in the credits and the closed captions, everyone calls Carl Reindel’s character “Denny” or “Den.” Submitted by gracenote, 6/3/2011.

Byron Morrow Judged 5 Original & 1 New Perry Masons; 3 Owen Marshall, Counselor At Laws; a Wild, Wild West, Police Story, Judd For The Defense & Bonanza; he was an Admiral in 2 Star Treks, a Black Sheep Squadron & The Winds of War + a Deputy Police Chief in The Rockford Files (Byron also had 2 Non-Judge PM roles in "The Arrogant Arsonist" & "Singing Skirt") [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 3.3.15.

Uncredited Actors: A bespectacled Don Anderson dances with his lovely escort at the post-tournament banquet. He’s among those who thoughtlessly laugh when someone is pushed into the fountain. Submitted by gracenote, 6/3/2011.

+'Someone is pushed into the fountain', indeed. The hapless Erwin Brandt is the someone pushed into the fountain, and while I understand the dramatic licence of the laughter ... even in what is now considered a 'tougher, less sensitive' time, I think it would have brought, at the most, little but a few nervous chuckles. Submitted by MikeReese, 11/1/2023
>This seems to have been somewhat of a speciality on PM: you might recall a very similar scene 59 episodes back where David McCallum gets pushed into the snow (to uproarious laughter). And while I think the goal is easy to guess - make the hapless character as pathetic as possible in the shortest possible time - it does, as you note, give a somewhat (unwanted) vaudevillian feel to the show. Notcom, 110223.

Sightings: Squirreled in the recesses of the courtroom sits an observant Quiet Old Man (#1). Submitted by gracenote, 6/3/2011.

Hamilton Burger actually takes the witness stand in this one. I do not recall him doing this in any others, but I am sure someone would know for sure. ;-> submitted by mesave31, 03/04/15
+ I checked my notes and this was the only story Mr. Burger was on the witness stand. Added by H. Mason 3/4/15
Don Dubbins appeared in 7 Perrys: as ASSISTANT DA Bill Vincent in Golfer's Gambit questioning Burger & as DEPUTY DA in Misguided Model & Impetuous Imp; he was different characters in the 4 others, including the victim in Counterfeit Crank [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 3.4.15.

Character Notes Harry Townes and Nancy Kovack (aka: Mr. and Mrs. Brandt) were in reality 21 years apart in age. This is the third (and final) appearance of Phyllis Hill; in each episode theft - an inside job - played a key role, and in each she played a(n increasingly) pathetic character. Noted by Notcom, 062316.

Actor Harry Townes was often typecast--as in this episode of PM, as well as in "TCOT Lazy Lover" and "TCOT Woeful Widower"--as a milquetoast, sometimes forced to display his mettle. For other examples of Townes's specialty, check out the "Gunsmoke" episode entitled "Tail to the Wind" (1959) and the "Have Gun, Will Travel" episode entitled "The Bostonian" (1958). Submitted by BobH, 10 December 2016.

This is the second of two PM appearances for Nancy Kovack, who is married to conductor Zubin Mehta...MikeM. 3/29/2017

This is the second of two PM appearances for Regina Gleason who, according to her biography on IMDb, had a real life run-in with the law in 1964. After being cited for wearing illegally-thick sunglasses while driving her sports car, she had a discussion with the prosecuting attorney and the charges were dropped...MikeM. 4/4/2018