The opening shot, presumably the building where Cal-Texas is, is also used in #32, TCOT Substitute Face as the locale of the bank where Carl Houser works. The dictating machine used by Daniel Conway is the Dictaphone Time Master also seen in Substitute Face and elsewhere. Submitted by billp, 1/21/2009.
+ JFK & Erle Stanley Gardner used Dictaphones extensively: "TCO Erle Stanley Gardner Featurette [50th Anniv. DVD]," shows ESG speaking into one. Mike Bedard 4.28.15

When Rose leaves the office, she's empty-handed, yet in the next scene, she's on the phone with the Cal-Texas Confidential Report in her hand. jfh 22Oct2019.

I have read that the 'Mavis Jordan' character was supposed to be played by a Black actress, but the NAACP did not like the way the character was portrayed, as it seemed she'd be there just as a comedic figure. I can't confirm this, but it seemed odd that in her first court scene, she was apparently directed to act as a ditsy character, but when she goes to 'Linda Griffith's' apartment with Perry, she's all business, not ditsy at all. The other thing that I noticed is that when Perry calls her forward to look at 'Fred Calvert's' shoes, she seems to be reading a book in court! Now, that caught my eye, because I had to go to court a few years ago to answer a traffic ticket, and the judge instructed everyone in court, whether they were there for a ticket or not, NOT to be reading ANYTHING while in session...and this stuck in my mind because the judge caught a man trying to sneak read his book, and asked him if he'd like to be held in contempt of court? Well, he put that book away with a quickness.. MikeReese 11.05.2020
> Perhaps you read it here?? (Or maybe my speculation was correct and you read it elsewhere). The issue was really more with her (sic) "menial capacity" as an elevator operator, than her personality, tho I imagine a comedic performance (a la Amos'n Andy) would have made things even worse. Notcom 110520. >Notcom, you are so right. I have been so busy lately that I'd forgotten where I read that!! MikeReese 11.06.2020
How did Perry get to Calvert’s house before the police, especially after taking time to visit Mrs Griffith? DOD 06/23/20
Another episode with a non sequitorish title - why not "TCOT Suspicious Shoes"? or "Familiar Footwear"? Any episode that features the divine Marie Windsor is a winner. H.M. Wynant would go on to play the suspect, killer, and prosecutor in future episodes. In Perry's office, Warner Griffith stands before a section of wall with an abstract painting over a console table. I don't recall seeing that part of the office in any other episode. As others have noted, these early shows have sets with a greater individuality and richness than later ones (Marie Windsor's apt., for example.) Later shows would recycle the same sets and props to an almost comic extent. DOD 05/28/18

Given what Fred Calvert says about his separation, the action in this episode seems to take place in winter, shortly before 2/9. The episode was aired 3/29/1958. Submitted by billp, 1/21/2009.

When talking about hotels for Conway, Della suggest ones on “Tracy Boulevard.” AFAIK, there is no such street in LA. Submitted by billp, 1/21/2009.

Fred Calvert lives at 163 Vista Lane, Ellendale, California. AFAIK there is no Ellendale. In the show it looks to be about 51 miles from LA. Regardless, does anyone recognize the Fred Calvert house, as it’s on a real street? Submitted by billp, 1/21/2009.

Mrs. Griffith tells Conway to go to “Empire Drug” at something and La Brea. The something sounds like Weldon to me, but there is no such street. Was there ever an “Empire Drug” in LA? Submitted by billp, 1/21/09.
+ There is a Weldon Ave. in L.A. near Glendale, but that is no where near La Brea. It sounds to me like Mrs. Griffith says Welton and La Brea. Could not find a Welton In L.A. Submitted by Craig, 2/27/2010.

Burger tells Mason he’d have him “smelling brimstone through a nail hole.” This is possibly a bowdlerized version. I’ve never heard this expression before. Does anyone know the origin of this phrase? billp 1/21/09.
+ There is a use of the phrase “smelling brimstone ect.” in the book A Subaltern’s Furlough V1 written in 1833. Submitted by Craig, 2/27/2010.
++ Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure this expression refers to someone who is going to Hell. The deceased lies in a coffin getting whiffs of brimstone from Hell through the nail holes in the coffin lid. A particularly nasty curse for Burger to put on Perry, with the imagery of being conscious, although dead, of being en route to eternal damnation. It suggests he is more deeply offended by Perry's tactics and successes than we knew! Submitted by JazzBaby, 7/18/2019.

Perry does seem to be intrigued by the cheesecake photo of Rose Calvert. Maybe he does like girls. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 4-17-2014.
+ As Jon Lovitz would say, "Acting!" Submitted by francis, 6/12/14.
++ The picture that Mrs Griffith gives to Perry is not the same one that we see in closeup. Submitted by vgy7ujm 09/05/17

A CLASSIC PERRYism: "I learned a long time ago to look Mr. Burger's GIFT HORSES right in the mouth." Mike Bedard 4.28.15

Our Gal Friday: Perry returned to his office from Ellendale after 1:00 AM. Della was still there, with Paul and Mr. Griffith waiting in Perry's office. Della had prepared a gallon of coffee. When she handed a cup and saucer to Perry she asked, "Who's going to do your dishes?" Perry's glib response: "You will, tomorrow. Have a good night." Hmmm. Is Della hourly or salaried? lowercase masonite, 1/15/16.

A Late News Flash from the Los Angeles Chronicle: Below the banner headline SECRETARY SLAIN IN HOTEL ROOM is a photo of Rose Calvert, not clad only in a flimsy negligee (at 18:40 on the 2006 Paramount DVD). Next to her photo is an article headlined MERCURY NEW X-RAY SOURCE, TWO SCIENTISTS REPORT, the two scientists being Wesley M. Coates and David H. Sloan. Dr. Coates did publish an article about this -- in 1934. See for example He died in 1937, electrocuted in x-ray laboratory at medical center, lowercase masonite, 1/15/16.
+ This story is also reported on the front page of the Los Angeles Star-News in the next episode, TCOT Hesitant Hostess. Submitted by Kilo 5/30/2017
++ It turns out this same article appears in newspapers in many future PMs. Submitted by Kilo 6/27/2017.
Not certain, but is that Distinguished Gentleman playing bartender in the closing scene? DOD 08/14/23

Show Trajectory: I haven't seen this one for a while, and was surprised to see Johnny Mack Brown and Marie Windsor in the same episode, and during only the first season. Neither was an Oscar winner, but they were both pretty well known. I wonder if the casting of bigger names reflects a rising share price for the show. JohnK 7 July 2021

+ This is one of my favorite episodes -- the presence of Marie Windsor; the shoe business and Natalie Norwick's performance of the Mavis character; and the evolution of the story at the very last second. JohnK, 22 July 2022

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Fred Calvert (played by Jack Weston) was convicted based on a possible identification of the shoes he wore. In real life, Jack Weston was born the son of a shoe repairman. Submitted by Charles Richmond, 10/20/2008.