What a poorer society we are because there are no longer actors like Thomas B. Henry on television. Mr. Henry was less than handsome, with a distinctive appearance, but was a fine actor. Check out his testimony late in the show, it is riveting. It seems as if all of today’s television actors are selected for their appearance, not for their acting abilities. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 7/19/2008.
+ He reminds me of actor Al Lewis. This is the second of his three Perry episodes: Ralph Duncan in "The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece (1957)", this episode, and Hartley Basset in "The Case of the Treacherous Toupee (1960)". jfh 23Jul2018.

+Henry did have an agreeable presence, as did Neil Hamilton. Love the latter's wisecrack after their colleague announces his honeymoon plans. I too would need to stock up on aspirin-BUT mainly on earplugs, what with Betsy Jones-Mooreland's screaming all through the time they were in Mexico. But along with the beauteous Joan Tabor, this episode not only has some of my favorite Perry music but the sound quality is also unusually good. No nasty over compression here; lots of dynamics right to the very end of the last scene. dped, 10/24/23

TCOT Shapely Shamus: This is one of my favorite episodes, owing to the presence of the actress Joan Tabor, and equally so her portrayal of the Colfax/Bynum character. OK, she's gorgeous. But in the hot seat she's great at mouthing off to Perry. And Colfax/Bynum's conduct as a private detective is so slipshod, and she's terrible at covering her tracks - maybe we have ESG to thank for that; I don't know how closely the script follows the novel. She handles a gun well too, in the opening on the terrace, with the flashing revolver and her girlish toss into the bushes. That credit goes to the director I suppose. JohnK, 1 September 2021

During the second round of questioning Distinguished Gentleman’s eyeglasses keep appearing and disappearing. DOD 08/05/19

The judge is absent during the second questioning of Colfax/Bynam. He suddenly reappears when Livesy approaches the bench. DOD 09/01/2021

In this episode, it would appear that Perry's Office butted against Garvin's but we know Perry has a door on the wall behind his desk. If there is a hallway between Perry's and Garvin's office it must be small. Of course, the exterior shots of the Brent Building does not have balconies. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/21/18.
+ When we get a look out of Garvin's office window, the view confirms that the offices are indeed very close together; no parallax! Garvin's view of LA is the same as Perry's. Added by Gary Woloski, 7/23/18.
++ To the often heard complaint - repeated here by Perry Baby - that "the Brent building does not have balconies", I've always had a ready reply: Perry's office is in back (and in point of fact, given the siting of the actual building at the eastern corner of 6th/Flower, in order to have the view seen in the show, that would be true). This episode, tho, contradicts that argument: after descending to the street, Perry states "let's look for it over there", gesturing to a point that would clearly be in the front of the building. Notcom, 123120.

A rare episode in which we never see the body. For his appointment with the San Diego DA, Perry is uncharacteristically casual - he wears no necktie. And just what was it that Virginia Colfax was hired to do? DOD 07/23/18

Spoiler Warning! Do Not Read Below If You Have Not Seen The Episode

Thomas B. Henry also appeared in “TCOT Sleepwalker’s Niece.” Brown gave another fine performance in this episode as the lawyer Ralph Duncan*. Perry’s final tip-off as to the murderer came from some testimony given by Duncan. Submitted by Charles Richmond. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 7/20/2008.
*(Note: he is Duncan in the previously mentioned episode, here he is 'George Denby').

Out this trial we have several crimes to prosecute beyond the murder: Colfax for perjury, breaking and entering, impersonation, car theft. Submitted by Perry Baby 1/21/18.

So often Paul shows concern about doing anything the least bit questionable for fear of losing his license. Helen Bynam apparently has no such scruples. DOD 09/01/2021