Perry gets to mention Hamilton Burger without saying his name. When the Placer City prosecutor has some kind words for Mr. Mason, Perry, smiling, thanks him and says something like "our local district attorney" does not often bestow such praise. Submitted by MikeM, 11 Jan 2013.

The US NRC website defines a Geiger-Mueller Counter as "a radiation detection & measuring instrument. It consists of a gas-filled tube containing electrodes, between which there is an electrical voltage, but No current flowing. When ionizing radiation passes from the - electrode to the + electrode, it is measured or counted. The # of pulses per second measures the Intensity of the radiation field. It was named for Hans Geiger & W. Mueller, who invented it in the 1920s. It is the most commonly used Portable radiation instrument." Mike Bedard 2.26.15.

Corpus Ridiculus, Season Three. Hugh Sanders, as Ken Bascombe, wins this season's "CR" Award, his somewhat rotund body found sprawled uncomfortably atop a somewhat larger, rounder boulder. The unintentionally humorous positioning of his body is heightened several scenes later when the Placer City sheriff is shown drawing the body's chalk outline on the boulder. Submitted by BobH, 5 November 2016.
+Even weirder, the horse has just pooped as Gerald Norton approaches from behind. The horse's tail is raised, and the poop is seen as a dark spot on the ground behind his left rear leg. As Gerald reacts with horror to the death of Ken Bascombe, the horse casually arches and then lowers his tail in a typical equine after-poopage gesture. Submitted by catyron, 11/25/17.

Life's little ironies: will history remember that on this night, while PM was starring a burro, that show called "life" was featuring a donkey and a jackass ?? Pondered by Notcom, 110816.
+ Maybe history will remember but I don't. I even asked google! So what happened on 3/26/1960 featuring a donkey and jackass? Kilo 2/15/2019.
++I suspect that Notcom is referring not to 3/26/60--the date this episode originally aired--but to the date (11/08/16) on which the entry was submitted--Presidential Election Day of 2016. Given the choice to which Notcom refers, many voters simply headed for the hills--just like a number of the characters in this episode. Submitted (with apologies to Notcom) by BobH, 16 February 2019.
+++ 'BobH' showed he has horse sense in interpreting my riddle - or maybe just a fluency in "Notcomese" - but 'Kilo' asked a legit question: just what were people reading about 032660 ?? Turns out they were reading a lot about Perry:
- TCOT Credulous Quarry had been been originally scheduled but was swapped with this after the Talman Affair;
- Not only Talman but (even) visitors had been banned from the set;
- the former was receiving a large amount of sympathetic mail - at least in the (even then) liberal Bay Area - with one wag suggesting turning life-into-art with "The Case of the Nude District Attorney" !! (One guess as to who was suggested for his counsel). Notcom 021919.

Musical Mixup: In these mining-themed episodes, the saloon scenes usually treat the viewer to public domain tunes like Camptown Ladies or Red River Valley, but in the more hep Placer City there's a piano playing a bluesy stride number -- more Willie The Lion Smith than Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. JohnK, 29 September, 2021