“In true Hollywood fashion, Perry Mason needed a saloon for ‘TCOT Bashful Burro’ so they used the Gunsmoke set. Perry walks into the ‘Golden Nugget’ but it just happens to be the Long Branch. I’d recognize any board of the set instantly.” Posted by Dedra Kaye DeHart to the Della-Perry group, 12/6/2007. Some pictures here.

Kay Kuter makes his only Perry appearance in this episode. He has a short scene playing the town deputy. Kay Kuter is much better known as local farmer Newt Kiley on both Petticoat Junction and Green Acres. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 5/1/2009.

Talman’s Troubles: William Talman as Hamilton Burger does not appear in this episode, as the action takes place in Placer City. However, he is shown in the opening credits, and you had better memorize the face, because he would not be seen again on Perry for another 10 months, until the episode of 21 January 1961, TCOT Fickle Fortune. The reason for Talman’s absence was that he was fired by CBS after his arrest on 13 March 1960. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 5 January 2010.
+ Read more about the sordid business here. Submitted by gracep, 11/22/2010.
+ Episodes 94-97 (May-Sep 1960) were filmed before Talman's firing and featured Burger. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 12/22/13.

Noted voice actor Ben Wright appears here as Crawford Wright. For some unknown reason Mr. Wright, who was born and raised in England, adopts what seems to be an East Indian accent for his character here. I can see no reason for this other than for Mr. Wright to practice his accents. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 5 January 2010.
+ Mr. Babcock identifies Wright as "the Welshman." Submitted by francis, 3/14/12.
+ Yes, this happens when Mason, just after buying the button from the girls, goes into the bar in search of Wright. The person he asks says: "Oh, you mean the Welshman!" and points Mason is his direction. Submitted by Clothears, 9th May 2021
+ Actually, Ben Wright does a pretty good imitation of a South Welsh accent. by Welshwoman 10/9/14.

Location: I believe the shack and mine entrance was located at Upper Iverson Ranch in Chatsworth. If you go to and go to Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas then go to page 5 of “Then And Now” photos of Chatsworth movie locations you can see a photo of a shack that was used in the 1954 movie Tennessee’s Partner. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 4 February 2010.
Note the similarities: (1) A dirt road runs along the left side of the house, (2) followed immediately by a pile of rocks (3) which are outside the entrance to a mine built into the hillside. (4) Similar log posts on a the shack’s porch with (5) the same type of rock foundation and steps and (6) possibly the same black hat rack to the right of the door. This was a popular location to shoot westerns such as Gunsmoke, Roy Rogers, etc. The famous intro to the Lone Ranger is on the same property in an area called “The Garden of the Gods.” Condos have been built around it but the actual Lone Ranger rock still exists and is easily accessible. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 4 February 2010. Some pictures here.

In addition to Talman (see item above), Ray Collins (Lt. Tragg) makes no appearance in this episode. Submitted by gracenote, 11/26/2011.

Sightings: As the spectators file into the Placer City Courthouse, we spy Distinguished Gentleman #1, who is very visible in the back later in the hearing. He is the only one of our favorite frequent faces to appear in this episode. Submitted by gracenote, 11/26/2011.

Tony Michaels as "Waiter" in this episode was once "Jackson" working in Perry's office, seen in episode 2. jfh 18Apr2024

Frontier Pinball. When Perry enters the Gold Nugget Saloon the Frontiersmen are playing Wishing Well pinball, released by Gottlieb in 1955, advert. More pics: 1, 2, 3 from Submitted by Gary Woloski, 7/5/12.

CARS. (1) The Nortons' war-surplus Willys Jeep, model MB, Lic JRP 474, light color, no top.

Added by Gary Woloski, 7/6/12.

When Perry makes his entrance at 10:13, he is wearing a three-piece suit. I don't recall seeing Perry wear a vest in previous episodes. (He has the vest again the following week in TCOT Crying Cherub.) Perhaps the costume crew wanted it to seem cold in them thar hills -- or cold in the film studio, since Main Street Placer City looks very much indoors to me. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 15 Sept 2012.

Name of the "Bashful Burro": Sheba. Submitted by H. Mason 9/29/14
+Raymond had "Zsa Zsa" in his Malibu-estate animal park; "She's really a Beautiful Burro," he said during an Oct. '58 "Person To Person" interview (50th Anniversary DVD). Mike Bedard rev. 7.28.16.

Animal testimony: Perry had a second animal appear in court to help solve the case. It also happened in episode 50 TCOT Perjured Parrot. In episode 69 TCOT Lame Canary Perry said seeing the injured bird helped him. Submitted by H. Mason 10/29/14

A "Bascom" was in "Reckless Rockhound" : this "Bascombe" is pronounced the Same way But spelled Differently. Mike Bedard 8.2.16 MeTV viewing.

Wendell Holmes died at the American Hospital in Paris, France, in 1962, apparently of a heart attack. He was only 47 years old. According to a Twilight Zone site, Holmes had French, British and American currency in his pockets at the time of his death. Wendell Holmes was interviewed in 1949. He talked about his life and how he was making more money at age six than he had since. The article shows up in a Google search. The title of the article is: "Golden-Voiced Radio Actor Earned His Top Money at Six"..MikeM. 8/2/2016

This is the only PM appearance for Sue George, not to be confused with the younger Susan George. Sue George was already acting when Susan George was born in 1950...MikeM. 11/8/2016

Freeze-Frame: In the court scene there's a reaction shot of Amos in the spectator gallery (45:15 on the DVD). Suddenly the shot freezes for 1 second. Then about 3 minutes later the same freeze-frame is used to zoom in on Amos' face. Kilo 11/20/2019.
+Good eye! Actually, the same freeze frame is used for three different reaction shots of Amos. The first is a full freeze frame, the second is the shot Kilo describes as freezing mid action and the third is what Kilo describes as a zoom. I'm guessing that the reaction shot they made of Amos had a scratch or was damaged in processing and was unusable, so they had to make do with what they had. They use the optical printer to create motion to disguise/distract from the fact that they were using a freeze frame, and the same one at that. In the first shot, they create a small, slow zoom effect. The second go around, the live action pans right, and when the frame freezes, they create the impression of a pan left. The third time around, there is a faster, tighter zoom effect. Perry and other shows -- I've seen it a bit in The Twilight Zone -- use the optical printer quite a bit when they don't have the shot they need, to create zooms and closeups, and here where they barely have a shot at all. With the high definition transfers, these tricks can be quite noticeable, but they would have flown by in low definition broadcast days. OldDave 9/15/2020

Ray Stricklyn and Elisabeth Fraser also appeared in TCOT Festive Felon. Submitted by Steve Fox, 2-5-2023